Ruling As Well

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Steve and I came to a bit of a revelation regarding the Multi-Hit and Multi-Target sig effects, how they're supposed to be used, and how they are being used.

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Multi-Target Attribute: The cost for one target, times the total number of targets.  [Simply dealing the full damage and effects to more than one target.]

Multi-Hit Attribute: Free (Stackable) [Hits the same target multiple times. Does not affect damage cap. You do need to register this, though.]

The problem is that some people, you included (Steve admits he too has some), have sigs using "divisible" damage (i.e. damage that can be split among several targets, or concentrated on just one). I'm aware from Steve that this was normal back on RECN and in early on in RERN, but now, the wording (as seen above) doesn't really allow for Multi-Hit and Multi-Target to be blended like that.

In short, Djinni has an illegal sig, Crossfire, that needs to be redefined as either Multi-Hit or Multi-Target, or you can opt to scrap it if needed.

Crossfire. (100 + 30)
From the bracelets on her wrists, she creates a bow-shaped flame on each and a tail of flames behind it covering her lower arm to form a crossbow on each arm. She then aims at her targets and fires three fire arrows from each crossbow, six in total, which are divisible in anyway. From the force of the blasts and the larger amount of flames than usual, a small patch of lava panels is made on the floor right at Djinni's location.
- 6x 20 Fire Damage. (120)
- Lava Panels. (Small Area) (10)
- Charge Time. (1|30)
- 4TCD.

Changing to:

Flare Burst (100)
Instead of immediately forcing chip data through to the point of attack, Djinni lets it pass through the program generating the attack data for her offensive Signature programs and with it improve the original chip data.
- Imbue Fire (20)
- Take Aim (10)
- 70 Strengthen (70)
- 3 TCD