Raining Cats, Dogs, and Boogeymen

Bought Process Upgrades for levels 9 through 11, so sig pool demolition away!

Cap: 140 (210) / 25
Points spent: 0/500

Quote (The Unchanged)

Ice Bleeding (Imbue Aqua, Passive; 20/80 points)
Because she has to leave her coding fairly open to channel ghost data, it can't be helped that tiny amounts of Anyis's data will leak out on occasion. Rather than curse the fact, though, she turns it to her advantage and bleeds her code into the weapons she uses, possessing them with an icy aura.

Ectopatcher (15 HP Healing, Passive; 20/80 points)
When needed, Anyis's systems will automatically draw in some junk data and reformat it to her specifications, helping to repair any minor damage she might incur.

Points spent: 160/500

Quote (The Buffed)

Channel Surf (120 Strengthen, 3TCD; 120 points)
Anyis summons several ghosts from the River, channeling them through her body simultaneously. By cycling through them to make use of their proficiencies, Anyis can power up her attacks to whatever degree she needs. As is the case whenever she channels a ghost, Anyis's eyes and gems take on a luminescent glow.

Points spent: 280/500

Quote (The New)

Raining River (Stage Change Sea Terrain, 3TCD; 100 points)
Anyis sends a disruption through the River's structure, causing bits and pieces of data to come down as a cold, dreary rain in a sudden deluge. As the rain hits the ground, everything begins to liquidate until the entire field is one giant pool of ice-cold water.

Boogeyman (Knockback, Passive; 10/40 points)
Built originally as a simple shortcut program for Anyis to vent excess channeled data, Boogeyman became something of an enigma as he gained the ghostly model of a battered NormalNavi. Despite his pseudo-body, Boogeyman has no personality and knows only one thing: push. Anyis tells him where and when, and Boogeyman will push with all his might. And potentially scare the crap out of some people with his caved-in head.

Points spent: 420/500

I'm leaving 80 points for later devious plotting.
No, you can't have devious plotting points.

Kidding. Everything else seems to be in order though.