Yukika's Signatures

Current Points Used/Max: 80/220
Level: 7
Current Cap: 100 (150) / 20
Element/Type: Aqua/Ground

Rain Of Ice(passive): Yukika, every turn, sends a couple ice shards into the air, as they hit various panels they freeze the terrain to ice. (Passive small Ice terrain, 20 points, 5X4 for small terrain change as a ground type)

Hailcicle: Yukika transforms her arms into a small, quad-barreled gun. She quickly takes aim at one enemy and fires several small shards of ice at the target, one after the other. (5 hits of 20 aqua damage, shot attribute, 100 points, 3TCD)

Slick Movement: Yukika slides around the area in an attempt to more accurately evade enemy attacks. (1 instance of movement, 20 points, 1TCD)

Points Remaining: 0
100 points means 3TCD, not 2. That's the only mistake as far as I can tell.
Alright, then. All 3 sigs approved.