Tennisman Signature Attacks

Signature points before: 380/740
Level 25 Cap: 260 normal (390 nerf)

Name: OUT!
Description: Tennisman swings his racket with incredible force to send whatever he hits flying.
Effect: Microburst (40 points) = 40 points (1TCD)
Signature points after: 420/740

Name: Reflex Volley
Description: Without thinking about how to properly return incoming attacks, Tennisman instinctively deflects them with his racket, aiming simply to keep them from hitting himself. This effectively protects him from every angle, but having to maintain this complete vigilance strains his focus and he is only able to deflect a certain amount of force.
Effect: 80 HP barrier (80 points) = 80 points (2TCD)
Signature points after: 500/740

Name: Rally Defence
Description: By being able to see where the attack is coming from, Tennisman is better able to divert his attention towards blocking incoming attacks completely. However, by absorbing the full impact of the hits, his returns become weak and effectively harmless.
Effect: 4-hit shield (4 x 20 points) = 80 points (2TCD)
Signature points after: 580/740

Name: Split Step
Description: A specialized footwork technique that has been exaggerated via digital means. Tennisman makes a light hop before moving to a better vantage point from which to strike. Rather than having to actually physically move to that location, his data is transferred instantly.
Effect: Teleport (50 points) = 50 points (2TCD)
Signature points after: 630/740

Name: Split Step (Deuce)
Description: Deuce's data is linked with Tennisman's such that when Tennisman teleports, Deuce is brought along with him. However, the transition is still taxing on the relatively simpler support program ((resulting in the loss of an action to activate this effect)).
Effect: Teleport (50 points) = 50 points (2TCD)
Signature points after: 680/740
Note: This is a signature attack for Deuce, Tennisman's support program.