Triple header

Sig edits being used to delete the two signature attacks in THIS thread to give me more points to pool with.

Caps: 100 active/20 passive
Current Points used/max points: 60/220

BatSonar (Passive): With Koumori's ability to send sound waves out into the area, Koumori can increase her accuracy by one rank, once, each turn. (1 passive take aim each turn, 40 points)

Call of the wild: By tapping into her inner "beast", Koumori's attack power is increased during the turn this signature is activated (60 strengthen, 2TCD)

Healing Night: With Koumori's mastery of the recovery subtype, she is able to heal one ally or herself for small amounts each turn. (15 passive healing, 60 points)

Sig points after this: 220/220 (0)
Hmm... BatSonar and Healing Night are approved, and you don't need a Process Edit when you've bought a Process Upgrade. Process Edits are really just to prevent sig edit spamming. Call of the Night, however, either needs Illusion or needs to lose the darkness.
signature edited.
Alright, all 3 sigs approved. You still don't need to use the Process Edits, though. XD