Negative Energy Mastery

New Sig:
Negative Energy Mastery: 3TCD 120 Points.
Splitman engulfs his body in a dark red energy, that sticks to many of his attacks like a viscous poison, adding another effect that will follow them to their target. The resulting backlash degrades his body, but only by the most trivial of amounts.

Effect: Disarm(40), Microburst(40), Hold(50), 3TCD
Nerf: Sacrifice(20). 10 Points to decrease cooldown, 10 Points to increase sig power.
These effects may be added to subsequent attacks later on. They count as separate attacks that were fired at the same time.
You can't split nerfs to do both cooldown and power. Trust me, I've thought of doing it too. XD
Could I split it into two lesser sacrifices that gave me 10 points for 10 damage each, totaling 20?
So you want to split 15 self-damage, an odd number, into two smaller sacrifices?

Yeah, let's not go there.
no... I want to take a different less efficient nerf that only gives me 10 points and does 10 damage to myself and take it twice...