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DNRloseroflosers: So Knight, can I make a topic of that it's just free or do I have to buy an upgrade to even do it?
Knight: technically, the sig edit purchase is 1Z/point edited
Knight: 0 point=0Z
Knight: so I think you could just go ahead...
Knight: *should
DNRloseroflosers: Okay then. I'm quoting this.

Now that that's out of the way...

A quick edit is all I need to do so it's on the books:

Reflex Hammer
Quite Simply, DNR just takes a small, triangular hammer and taps the ankle or any part of the body for stimulation. What the "Patient" won't know is that it has an electric shock than can render an opponent in a bad position. (110 + stun Oh and if there are any extra smacks, that is just fluff... 3TCD) (140/380)

Defibrillator Gauntlets I: In response to Polonius's dreams to become a renowned Cardiologist, DNR gains the ability to turn his knuckles into miniature defibrillators! Using their electrical circuits, DNR can punch the enemy right to their heart, offsetting their heart beat levels. (Hits 80 TCD 2, Elec Damage) (80/380 Pool)

I'd like to add Slashing for both. It's free like I said and it really doesn't make anything different. But I guess I'll have to supply a reason: What happens is that the electric steel plating by the gauntlets, combined with the force that DNR launches with said fists makes the fists being able to slash through powerful material.

So thanks for the time and if I need to remake the reasoning just ask.
Well, there's some pretty poor logic on that, but stanger things have passed...


Quote (Store Stock)

Process Edit: Xz, where X is your current cap.

I'd head on back to that there store and buy an edit, chief. What Knight said is no rule that I am currently aware of. Not to say he's wrong, I'm just not sure where it's posted.
Umm, no. Denied.

Its a hammer and a gauntlet. Neither is sharp. Both are being described as dealing blunt force trauma. Slashing is out of the question. Impacting, sure... Slashing, hell no.
Yeah, Steve is right... Please excuse me, I remembered wrong.

HOWEVER! It's an edit in a similar fashion to when a signature effect is changed, since simple 'melee' doesn't work with DNR's sword subtype anymore (irregardless of the decision to approve it or not). Thought I'd point that out.