Phantasms all new line up

Total sig pool: 60

Name: Phantom Flames
Current: Damage 20, 20/60

New Change: Damage 40, 40/60

Old sig: Ethereal plane (large stage change Lava)

New sig: Spirit Power, Strengthens by 20 20/60
Description: Imbues attack with ghostly powers
Sorry, I can not approve this until you get two sig edits since your going to lose two sigs. Once you have two sig edits, someone, maybe me, can approve these edits. You can buy them in the navi shop. You can find the price for sig edits there.
Thanks for the tip, ill find out about these edits and will be right back
Hi, I finally got the process edits, may I change my sigs now?
Yes, you may. Both are fine, so approved!