Sig Edits for Djinni

Signature Edit:

Signature Attacks:
Maximum Pool: 620
Max Cap: 140 (210) / 25

Stunt Double. (70)
Djinni creates a bow of flames that flows from her right bracelet and creates a flaming arrow in her left hand. She then loads the arrow in her bow and slowly reels it back to prepare for the attack. But the fact is that she had already teleported after creating the bow, leaving a pre-programmed decoy behind that stops once it hits the prepared attack pose.
- Teleport. (50)
- Decoy. (1|1|20)
- 2 TCD.

Guarding Explosion. (70)
Djinni literally makes herself explode on the place and reappears elsewhere. The particles that were once her, which have turned into small flames during the explosion, return to her side as a barrier around herself.
- Teleport. (50)
- 20 HP Barrier. (20)
- 2 TCD.

Genie's Heritage. (80)
Based on the stories of genies, Djinni can transform her entire body into smokeless fire, but keep the exact same appearance. When an attack connects with her, that part instantly changes into flames and prevents any damage only to reform after the attack had hit. However, bladed weapons still strike true.
- Shadow. (1|80)
- 2TCD.

Heart Archer. (80 + 30)
Holding her right arm towards the target, the ring on the arm emits flames and forms into a bow. With her other hand, she creates an arrow of dark red flames and prepares it for launching. Having targeted the target's heart or core before hand, the arrow will know where it's headed and not in a straight line. If it misses once, the arrow will automatically head for the target's heart or core again.
- 70 Fire Damage. (70)
- Homing. (40)
- Charge Time. (1|30)
- 3TCD.

Pyreshot Ballista. (120 + 30)
Djinni stretches her arms out to the sides while a large bow-like form is created from flames coming from her right bracelet. An arrow made entirely of heat with its core at the top is stretched across her back and reaches from hand to hand. From the bow, a small flame reaches into the palm of Djinni's hand which operates the weapon and as soon as she smashes it, the arrow is launched at its enemy.
- 110 Fire Damage. (110)
- Impact. (20)
- Break. (20)
- Charge Time. (1|30)
- 4TCD.

Crossfire. (100 + 30)
From the bracelets on her wrists, she creates a bow-shaped flame on each and a tail of flames behind it covering her lower arm to form a crossbow on each arm. She then aims at her targets and fires three fire arrows from each crossbow, six in total, which are divisible in anyway. From the force of the blasts and the larger amount of flames than usual, a small patch of lava panels is made on the floor right at Djinni's location.
- 6x 20 Fire Damage. (120)
- Lava Panels. (Small Area) (10)
- Charge Time. (1|30)
- 4TCD.

Red Moon. (100)
A bright shining red moon appears in the sky which illuminates the ground with the light's reflection. The dark energy the light is made from turns the panels into a liquid lava, but slightly burns Djinni's skin as well from Iblis' influence in the dark energy.
- Lava Panels. (Stage Change) (100)
- 3TCD.
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