Curseman sig creation/upgrading

I'll be upgrading his cursebreath attack, as well as making one passive and one normal sig as follows:

Total sig points (200/260)

Curse of lightning: (4 TCD)

Curseman draws a glyph quickly in front of his body with his fingers, appearing as some form of electrical energy as the glyph takes a form of it's own. The glyph glows and sends a burst of energy sending the target back out of striking range. Almost immediately after, the same glyph appears above, below and all around the target. The glyphs begin to glow and crackle, before sending out a blast of lightning from each glyph at the target. The curse of lightning is just a curse however, and inflicts no damage, but instead saps the movement and speed capacities of the navi. Meanwhile the sapped abilities are transfered to curseman through the first glyph to enhance his parameters, bestowing the energy into his next attack with an electrical charge.The glyph before curseman also acts as a defensive shield, able to block on attack that may come his way. Do to the electrical surges, curseman's buster will short out for a brief period of time afterwards.

Summary: opponent - Hold + stun + knock back. Curseman - imbue null lightning + 1hit shield + busterlock

Cost: 100 sig points + 50 nerf


Sig points left: (100/260)

cursebreath upgrade to Spirit Blaze: 60 + 30 drain fire damage. = 120 sig points. (original 60 + 20 more + 40 nerf )

Spirit Blaze :

Curseman's flames begin to grow and flicker, as he draws them between his hands. The ghostly looking purple flames begin to form into a large ball of semi-visible flames, ready to be launched. Once all the flames have been used, Curseman fire the ball quickly at his target. As the ball flies, it's shape begins to vaguely resemble the head of a panther, bearing it's fangs, and as it gets closer it's jaws open as it "eats" the enemy completely engulfing it in flames. The fires rage and spread for a few moments as they feed off the life of the enemy, before the entire mass of flame quickly rushing back to curseman's body and restoring his own flames with much larger ones. Upon recollecting the flames, Curseman absorbs the energy stolen by the flames and repairs his program in the process. Gathering and using all his flames however, leaves curseman drained for a few moments, slowing his ability to evade to a degree.

Summary: Shot type - 60 dmg + 30 drain + fire, 3 TCD, self slow 1 turn


Sig points left: (80/260)

Evil Eye:

Curseman's third eye opens up revealing his blood red pupil, once per turn. As it gazes upon a victim, the red eye glows as it charges up a small black fiery beam and quickly fires it off at the target. If it hit's the target the flames begin to absorb their data and slowly begin to form a small flaming ball, signifying the persons spirit or soul. Curseman's eye draws in the soul quickly, only to be taken and absorbed into the eye, before closing once more. Every successful attack restores curseman's health upon absorbing the soul.

Summary: Passive shot type - 10 Drain + fire

sig points left: (0/260)
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Well, that took a little while. Please label effect costs next time so we don't have to go back and check the list every few seconds. DX

In any case, all the numbers add up. Approved.