Rayne & Phantom.exe

Name: Rayne Getsuga
Age: 17
Gender: Male

When it comes to meeting and greeting a woman, Rayne knows the ways to be able to become friends with a woman. He ultimately desires more than just having a girlfriend for a couple months, but rather for life itself. Being an author, Rayne loves to make his words graceful in a way. Although he is a pacifist, Rayne is no pushover and is even considered stubborn when it comes to standing up for his rights. He just won't go to violence for his answers. When it comes to someone harming a woman on the other hand, he is more than willing to fight. His hobbies include fencing, origami, chess, and writing.

PET Modifications:
A gloss orang PET with a white boarder around the screen
and a blue grip on the handle.

Name: Busterman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Normal

Personality: Busterman is loyal and acknowledges that with the lack of a father, he kind of tries to act as a father to him at times. Offering advice and his own input is only an impulse, which Rayne has gotten used to. he is usually cheery when he meets a new navi and never is in the mood to fight, but will if he has to. He is the type that won't use an attack chip much, and so with that Rayne has not really gotten him an attack chip.

Custom Weapon: Soul Breaker (The weapon in his appearance)

Signature Attack: Nightmare Coffin
Inserts his sword into the ground, which create's a unescapable purple & black oval shadow trap all around the enemy, while five shadow like swords appear from the ground and one by one quickly & randomly inserts into nightmare coffin
{70 damage} {2 turn cooldown}
Hoo boy.


Since I'm sure you'll post back "i did wahts wrong???" I'll outline the problems here.

Not only did you not create those sprites yourself, if you had, you still need an actual text description for appearance. You'll need a better Personality description for your Navi as well.

Speaking of your Navi, His name is rejected. Phantom is a Capcom character.

Dark isn't a type. Don't make rules up for yourself.

You HAVE to have a Signature attack. Formula is generally 70 damage with a two turn cooldown.


There may be some more stuff in there, but I don't have time to read this garbage if you don't have time to read the rules.
Iv edited it, hows that?
Okay, still no.

    [li]Did you even write the personalities yourself? I'm suspicious, as it varies widely from your conversational text.
    [li]You still haven't added a written appearance for either your Operator or Navi. Both are required.
    [li]Your Navi cannot look or act ANYTHING like any pre-existing video game, comic, or book character. Make sure that your Navi's as original as possible.
  • Be sure to include a text description of your Navi's Custom Weapon.
Then Ill fix it some more