Hostile Information Resistance

Fluctuating Nature v2

Enigma's odd structural integrity lets him literally morph around or out of the way of attacks just about every other round.

Effect: Free Dodge
Points: 40
Current Pool: 0 points
Er, just so you know, 5 points of DR will only mean you're reducing 5 damage for the first 15 you take, then everything else will still hit you.

Still okay?
If I up it to 10 points, will it go for two attacks?
Ten points will null the first 10 damage out of 30.

And it does apply to each seperate attack, not once a round.

Example: Round One
Druidman shoots Enigma with Cannon. You'd take 35.
Druidman shoots Enigma with Mangnum. You take 115.
Druidman shoots Enigma with Vulcan1. You take 5, 5, and 5.

I think that's how DR works. I could be mistaken as to how the damage is actually reduced, in which case, you take... uh, 38, 118, 8, 8, and 8. It's either for each points are either the max reduced or what you base the 1/3 equation off of. I honestly don't remember.

Quote (Rules)

Damage Reduction: 5 (Per instance, per turn) [When taking damage, this effect reduces damage taken by 1 for every 3 damage sustained. This effect only counts up to 3 Damage per attack per instance of Damage Reduction when triggering the effect. If the damage sustained does not reach an even 3 over the course of a single attack, the Damage Reduction effect is rounded down to the nearest 3 when calculating damage reduced. Stacking Clause does not apply.]

Since it says 'per instance,' I'm assuming it means one 5-point sig blocks 1 damage for every 3 once per turn. Thus, a 10-point (or 40-point) sig would block two of them (two 1/3 damage reductions per round), as I'm applying it for two instances.
Okay, thanks, now I think I remember how it works.

You aren't gonna like it.

Paying 10 points is two instances of DR. What that basically means is, for every attack the round it's active (permanent as it's passive in your case.) Anyway, two instances means you subtract 6 from the damamge of the thing hitting you, the rest hits you, then, you take a third of the 6, so 2, and prevent that, and then the leftover is damaged to you.

Thus, a Cannon would deal 38, A Magnum 118, and a Vulcan 8, 8, and 8.