Fluctuating Nature

+60 Sig Points added to pool.
Total: 120 points (with process upgrade).

Fluctuating Nature

Enigma's very nature, that of a shapeshifter, allows him to "morph" around a few attacks that may come his way, essentially letting him use his own data as a shield if he likes. This 'block' can either be a separate part of data shooting off to take the hit at no cost to him, or a simple reflex to dodge the hit.

Effect: 1-Hit Shield
Points: 20x4 (Passive) = 80
Current Pool: 40

= Note: I honestly have no idea what the difference is between a one-hit-barrier and a one-hit-shield. =
Alright, thanks for the advice...
-thinks for a bit-
Gah, I can always blow the 100z if I really need those 80 points back. Assuming I can control that every turn, I'm fine with it.
A shield can only defend one of six axis, Front, Right, Left, Back, Top, and Bottom. It isn't a perfect bubble of defense, like a barrier chip. Basically, think of it as similar to a Guard, just without the reflection.

Still okay?
Alright then. Approved.