Shivering Frost Force

Because I'm flavor-ific, I say Druidman does Ice damage. This is the same as Aqua, but I'm too cool for that, so I'm calling it something different. So there.

540/660Mana used. 120Mana availible.

10Wood + 50Freeze + 40(+20 Off-Element)Aqua = 120Mana

Druidman, while still unable to tap into his true water magics, has managed to awaken a single aspect of the Aqua tree of magic: Ice.

DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Shivering Frost Force: DruidMan starts with a chant, which ends in the activation phrase; "SHIVERING FROST FORCE!!!" This draws the moisture out of the air to freeze over a tree branch which DruidMan magically produces. DruidMan then grabs said branch, and wallops the target on the head, dealing 10 Wood damage. The ice shatters and coats the target, dealing 40 Ice damage. (It causes freeze.) DruidMan must then wait 3 turns for the air to regain enough humidity to use the attack again.

Shivering Frost Force - Does 10 Wood damage with branch, then 40 Ice damage with ice. Freezes. (3TC)
Approve'd. (Assuming my word carries any weight)
You're an Official, of course it does.
UPDATE: No changes, but due to the new Freeze ruling, this sig is technically being edited. I'm posting to confirm that I understand the new ruling, and that my sig will remain the same, statistically.

Thankfully, this is my only existing sig effected by the new sig changes.
New effect, same cost, no problem.