Dark Finger Shot

Junior's mother, Ayumi, was infected with corruption since before he was born. Thus, this ailment was passed down to her children as well. Even though most of the corruption was inherited by his sister, Miyu, Junior still had some traces left. Now, for a single attack, he can fire all of it out in a concentrated, dark laser from a single finger. It also causes a random glitch in the target, though Junior can never be sure of the exact affect.

(120+Random Effect, 4 turn CD)

1.) Is There a Doctor in the House?!-The opponent is poisoned for a decent chunk of time and every move they make hurts them (Poison, 2 rounds)
2.) Extreme Horniness! (cause Leon said so)- The opponent goes crazy and starts chasing down the opponent without mercy. Of course, this prevents them from using common sense or getting aid from a netop (Berserk)
3.) Get Out of Here! The Shot hits at a high velocity, sending the opponent flying (Microburst)
4.) Stop Hitting Yourself!- Two dark, legless dopplegangers with wings pop out of the target and quickly circle the target, laughing evilly (Decoy x 2)
5.) Not So Fast!- Takes the last signature attack that has been used by the opponent and increases the time it will take to recharge it (Sig Burn)
6.) Know What? Just Die!- The Shot becomes nothing but destructive energy, making it the most direct and potentially deadly version (+40 damage to the attack)

I choose six effects so that all a mod would need to do to determine what happens is roll a die. Since most boardgames require this, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Also, each effect costs 40 points, so in total this attack should cost 160 points. Any problems?
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I'm iffy on the random sig rules, but I think that there isn't anything wrong, but I'll have to double check with Pally or Knight or someone else that gets some of the more advanced sig rules better than I do. ._.
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