Wood tornado

Points avalable:70

Siren creates a large tornado useing her wings as she also sings a song, this song makes large branches from many trees stack into this, createing a sharp sensation to the enemies, this attack deals 80 damage and slashing to one foe, but after it hits the enemy, the tornado explodes and spreads very sharp splenters to other enemies that are near the target, though Siren's voice becomes raspy and quiet after, causeing a two turn buster lock for Siren.
Overview:Deals 80 wood damage and slashing to one enemy and then has a spread effect after. (80 devided by 3/4=60 cap=150 points used includeing nerf)
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You can only apply nerfs at up to half of the value of the points you spend on the sig itself. Since you only spent 70, your max nerf value would be 35, meaning 105 is your max cap, not 150.

Spread works by adding a secondary target to the attack per instance of spread. So, since you only have one instance of spread, you can only hit 1 additional target, like a Shotgun. To hit more targets, you need to pay for spread again for each target you want to hit.

Spread is like mult-itarget, only it's 1/4 cheaper and you must hit the first target to have a chance at spreading damage to the others.

This being said... this sig isn't close to legal.
then close this, i'll think up of something else.