Transform and roll out

This new system vexes me... but here we go.

Points: 260
Lvl: 5
PU: 5

Flury of dancing flames Kira
Effect:changes type and element into fire/breaker. Lasts until overridden or battle is won, 2 turn cooldown starting after form is overridden.

Gambler of fates Elli
Effect:changes type and element into Wood/cursor. Lasts until overridden or battle is won, 2 turn cooldown starting after form is overridden.

any ideas what the points would be?
You CANNOT turn Passives OFF or ON. If you want this, turn them into FREE ACTION Sigs with a COOLDOWN.

And I don't know. Certain people have been MIA. Can't tell on the points required or if this is allowed in the first place.
ok, that sounds good. But whats the difference b/t free action and passive? i thought they were the same...
Passives are ALWAYS on. They cannot be turned off and they automatically turn on. All passives would be on.

On another note, I just heard that Free Action Signatures are banned. So that can't happen either.
Ok, that makes no sense. I'm sure i'd be pissed if I cared. Look, why don't I just get rid of the passive comment. ...there. How's that?
Last we talked, you are not allowed to change your navi's element or subtype, as being able to do so pretty effectively makes you hax.
What? When was this? I don't remember that, and either way i've been using these sigs for a while. Or at least the first one.
Unless you made the sigs under the new system and were using them, thats a moot point.

I'll ask for clarity form Pally and Demon, but I do believe it was shot down due to haxness and making your elemental and subtype choices obsolete and useless if you can change freely.

Edit: Turns out it's still being debated. As such, I recommend you work on different ideas for now until the final decision is made.
/sigh, Now I gotta think of some new ideas. Now, I was looking over the banned list, and it didn't happen to mention anything like summoning. I got an idea, odds are its gonna be shot down but whatevahs.

What would you guys say to a sig where I can summon little minions that can block incoming attacks like a dodge action, and I can make them explode to do damage.
Ok, heres a the basic idea:

Points: 260
Lvl: 5
PU: 5

Shikigami summon

Description: Kenji takes out a paper seal with the words "Demon" written in kanji on it. He channels his energy into it, and in a puff of smoke it transforms into a large onmyou demon. The protective demon serves as a gaurdian to him as he fights.

Effect: Summons a demon with 40hp that blocks attacks directed at Kenji. The demon can can attack opponents for 40dmg, but it takes up one of Kenji's actions.


So, tell me if that's too hax or not?
To take a page from zanzo, TATSUMAKI BUMPU KYAKU!!!
New object/summon rules underway. Watch this post for changes.
So, any update?