Active Signature: Restez
Soundman adjusts a few settings on his forearm-mounted soundboards, then begins to play a heavy-sounding, fast-paced song through his speakers, the sounds of multiple guitars, one of which is most definitely a bass guitar, and drums filling the air. Lines of sheet music pump out the subwoofer backpack strapped to the back of his torso at a blinding pace, wrapping Soundman or one of his allies in a bubble of sheet music that seems nigh-impenetrable, blocking a few attacks. While the music stops once the sheet music bubble is finished, a single bass guitar chord is held the entire time the barrier is up. (80 HP barrier, 2 TCD)

Pool: 260

Used: (After pending upgrades/new sigs) 80 (Whine), 80 (Healing Serenade), 80 (Restez), 20 (Prestissimo) = 260

I'm just kidding. Yes.