Desmond and Tennisman.EXE

Name: Desmond
NetNavi: Tennisman.EXE
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'11 lightly tanned Asian with short, thick curly hair and glasses. Fairly muscular build but comes off looking kind of chubby sometimes.
Personality: Very extroverted and friendly. Somewhat stubborn when it comes to accomplishing his tasks. Not particularly clever and very frequently mixes up meanings of phrases and sometimes accidentally offends the people he's talking to because of misunderstandings. Gets frustrated easily but rarely lets his anger get the best of him. Enjoys gambling but enjoys tennis most of all.
PET Modifications: A red PET with a crisscrossing mesh of tennis racquet strings covering the screen. A layer of black leather is adhered to where your hand would normally grip the PET.

Name: Tennisman.EXE
Operator: Desmond
Gender: Male
Type: Normal

(Drawn by SnakemanEXE, not me)
Personality: Very stoic and serious, Tennisman is merciless in his pursuit of viruses but hates to fight other navis, especially despising having to delete them. His relationship with Desmond is somewhat unique in that Tennisman started out as a rogue navi without an operator and was 'adopted' by Desmond through coincidence and the common interest in tennis. Their contrasting personalities tend to compliment each other rather than repel since they seem to work together to accomplish their individual goals.
Starting Battle Chips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
Custom Weapon: Arm cannon that shoots tennis balls / Tennis racquet that can be modified with Guard chips and Sword-type chips for defensive and offensive capabilities.
Signature Attacks:

- Ace Serve -
Tennisman.EXE shoots three tennis balls out of his arm cannon upwards with very little strength and then strikes them with his racquet in quick succession, all aimed at his opponent(s). 20 damage per ball with a 2-turn cooldown.

The golden age has come again.

(Oh, you didn't mention what subtype Tennisman has. I believe it's N/A, but if that's not true, then let me know and I'll go through the motions of having it added.)

NOOB GETS: Shotgun x1, Cannon x1, Rageclaw x1.
NOOB GETS: Undershirt x1, Attack +1 x1, Charge +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1.


Tennisman. I'm so happy. :'D
Thank Twi. He cleared it up for Pocket that reinstating Tennisman was a quick, easy, and painless process. :'D