(insert creative title here)

...*bleep*. I almost had enough money to go and get all the upgrades I wanted to get in one go, and then this happened. (cries and swears some more) Oh, right. I should probably update my sig attack.

Default Points: 60
Expansion Points: 0 (even more crying and swearing)
Total Points: 60

-Sig #1: Water Splash
SplashMan fires water from the cannons on his back, which arcs before dropping down on an enemy. 60 damage, Aqua element, 2-turn cooldown.

Sig #1 Points: 60
Remaining Points: 0

And Water Splash actually gets weaker as a result of updating. The horror...THE HORROR...ah well, at least he'll be able to still use it. So, anyone see any problems? Because I don't.
Looks good to me.

You did get your refunds for the stuff you already bought, right? Don't forget to do that if you haven't.

Sorry for the long delay too. I blame canada.