Megavortex ChocoCannon

Current Pool: 255/460

Name: Megavortex ChocoCannon
Description: Red takes a deep breath and then yells "MEGAVORTEX CHOCOCANNON!" and fires a giant blast made out of toxic, scalding hot chocolate at one opponent, poisoning and damaging the opponent on contact.
Stat Crap: Deals 100 DMG to one target and poisons opponent for 2 turns.
Pts Used: (100 + 20(2)) 140 Pts.
Cooldown: 4 turns

Pool Now: 395/460

Quote (Sig System)

10-14 = 140 (210) / 25

As level 10 Navi, your maximum cap for a single Sig is 140. A 200 damage cap Sig is currently impossible for you. The 210 is only if you use nerfs to get to that point.
Oh, right... Forgot about that. -_-;
Anyway, fixed, anything else?
Should be fine now. Wait for the correct people to have it approved.

Have fun with your hot chocolate of death.