Editing up.

I'm dropping Passbreak, and adding two new attacks.

CURRENT CAP: 100 (active) / 20 (passive)

THUNDER GOD (total spent: 70) [3 TCD]
Raiden forms a spear of lightning and throws it at one enemy.
-40 Elec damage. (70)
-1-action stun. (30)

LAG WALL (total spent: 90) [3 TCD]
Raiden lags the area immediately around three viruses until that part of the network crashes, reducing hteir ability to attack by limiting their processing speed.
-Virus accuracy goes down. (30)
-Affects up to 3 enemies. (30 + 30 = 60)

DIVINE WIND (total spent: 100) [3 TCD] (The dodge effect on this one seems iffy; let me know if I have to change it.)
Raiden summons a massive lightning storm comprised of energy stolen from the network.
-Round 1: lightning storm, causing 25 divisible damage. (25)
-Between rounds 1 and 2: all Elec-type enemies, including Raiden, have reduced dodge capability as they are held back by the magnetism of the lightning in the ground. (50% of cap -- 50 points -- spent to use it on an enemy group. Maybe I could get 40 points back because Raiden is coming under the jurisdiction of a Slow effect?)
-Round 2: lightning ascends back to clouds, causing 25 divisible damage and annuling the magnetism effect. SigAtk ends. (25)

TRANSISTOR (total spent: 20) [passive]
-Life drain: hit one enemy for 10, steal 10 HP. The hitting of the enemy is used as a bonus action, and is purely fluff.

0 points left after all this.
Fixed Divine Wind, for that puppy was haxxorz.
Transistor costs 80 to make, and yields 20 passive points, which will put you over your max.... Everything else is ok.