Rae and Arche

I'm new so I am not quite sure I have this all perfect. However, I did spend a lot of time in the rules and a few guys from the chat room helped me out, so here goes!


Name: Miranda Rae Stevenson

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rae is a mousy girl, a genius in her own right and quite pretty though she refuses to admit her good qualities to herself. She stands at five foot four and is thin, with small but perky breasts and a cute, athletic build. She has pale skin from her time spent indoors and a small spattering of freckles on each cheek. She had reddish-brown hair that she consistently wears in two long braids that fall to each side of her head and bright green eyes with small flecks of brown. She has a cute face with a small, upturned nose that holds up her large, wire frame glasses. When not at SciLabs for her internship, she can usually be found wearing black jeans with a t-shirt and her black jean jacket. Around her neck she wears a silver necklace with a small, silver Celtic Cross pendant set with sapphires on each point of the cross.

Personality: Rae is a genius, having graduated college at the age of fourteen and immediately being accepted into a four year internship with SciLabs. However, she is quite shy and refuses to engage in social events. She rarely even attends office meetings, instead sending Arche to speak in her stead. She doesn't talk much, except when she is alone with Arche and is mostly alienated from those people who would be her colleagues. The only person that she had ever opened up to was a college professor who felt bad about the shy young girl being picked on by her classmates. However, their friendship did not last long as she soon graduated and he quit his job to take up some other line of work.

PET Modifications: Rae designed her PET herself and equipped the black and silver device with a scanner that allows her to remotely locate viral signatures within electronic devices.


Name: Arche.EXE

Gender: Female

Element: Aqua

Type: Recover

Appearance: Arche is a very humanoid Navi with a full female figure. She stands at the Net equivalent of five foot five inches and would weigh around one hundred and twenty pounds. She has a hourglass figure with an ample, firm bosom, wide hips on long, shapely legs and a thin, toned waist. Her skin is a pale milky white, in contrast to the raven hair that cascades down her back. Her eyes are a sapphire blue that sparkle with a vast intelligence despite her calm, cool gaze. Covering each ear is a platinum disk engraved with her Navi symbol, a pyramid set with a lidless eye. During battle, these disks emit a shaft of light that bends to connect and form a visor that shields her eyes and allows her to view the battle data for first hand analysis.

Arche's outfit is rather provocative, a sexy twist on Rae's SciLabs uniform. It is comprised of a black leather coat and miniskirt. Under the coat is a tight, silver turtle-neck sweater that amplifies her figure. She wears milky white stockings that stretch the length of each leg and a pair of black leather heels that somehow do not hamper her in battle. Embroidered in silver thread on the back of her coat is her Navi symbol, the pyramid inset with the all-seeing eye. All in all, Arche was designed to represent the epitome of sexual desire tempered by a cool intelligence.

Personality: Arche is smart, perhaps too smart. She deems all lesser intelligences to be worthless and a waste of time. She has a cold exterior, only warming up to Rae when the two are alone. She was designed to be Rae's shell, the beautiful and confident woman that protects the fragile girl within. Arche enjoys analyzing battle data and studying new viruses and Navi. Of course, she is quite quick to point out the flaws existant within any system that she deems inferior to her own.

Custom Weapon: A hand held, streamlined silver pistol that fires beams of white energy.

Signature Attack: Viral Lockdown: Arche can use her scanners to locate a structural weak point within a virus or Navi. By attacking this weak point, Arche can inflict a sort of paralysis within the target that lasts for several seconds. (50 damage w/ Stun) 2 turn cool down.


Tut, tut, Twi. You missed the PET Mod:

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Rae designed her PET herself and equipped the black and silver device with a scanner that allows her to remotely locate viral signatures within electronic devices.

This can't provide you with any mechanical benefit whatsoever.
Repoened. Want to change anything? More to the point, someone really should've made the traditional GET speech, which tells in short the newbie gear.