LVL2a Tribute to the Gods

Tribute to the Gods
Sig Cap:
Area slots in a chip, which Divinity then tributes to a 'greater being' in the Net which grants her power depending on the chip she has sacrificed. A surge of data is then transmitted, with the graphic of a colored beam of light, into her halo which sends the so-called ElemCharges into her system.
- Divinity gains [Chip's total damage/10] amount of elemental charges. The charges have the same element as the chip tributed, this includes the 'Normal' element.
- Divinity can use the charges for the following 3 things:
= Change a chip's element. This overrides the original element, it doesn't add the element to it. Uses 1 charge per use.
= Add 20 damage to a chip with an equal element. This cannot be used on a chip changed by a charge. Added to total damage and only against one opponent with multi-hit chips. Uses 1 charge per use.
= Change Divinty's main element. This cannot be used if she is in a Cross or another element-altering situation. Uses 2 charges per use.
- Divinity can only use 2 charges each turn.
- Charges can be used without using an action and are added to a chip, or in case of Divinity's element, a swift action.
- In the case for 'multi-use' chips, she'll need to use a charge for each strike. The weapon breaks if she can't use one.
- If the chip has 50 or lower total damage, it needs 1 action. If the chip has 51 to 100 total damage, it needs 2 actions. 101-150 3 actions. 151-200 4 actions. This only counts for the actual tribute initiation.
- 3TCD. The cooldown immediately starts after the activation, making it possible to have various charges at the same time.