Things to note:

I have Val's blessing to keep the same op and navi, making some minor changes to em. Pretend my last navi didn't exist and keep the same legacy items I had when I originally registered.

The primary weapon is the prototype weapon, the others are fluff for IC stuff and chip use.

For Armor S type, the rocket fists are stolen from Mazinger Z. However, this is simply because they are one of the most famous super robot weapons ever, and often are signs that something is a super robot. So while this is copyright infringement, it's there for a reason.

And just to ask: I need to choose an element now right? No more normal/Type?

Legacy items:
1.5 Sig
2.0 Sig
Spreader chip
Vulcan 1

As Moa was at work, something strange happened... EAV's data corrupted. No apparent reason, it just... Happened. Moa got back just in time to barely salvage the NAVI, applying an already damaged backup and managing to stop the corruption, but an odd changes had take place.

Name: Moa Koruya
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance:Moa looks much older then he actually his. He looks as if he could easily be thirty or forty, and has a rather impusing figure. A rather muscular build from labor of all kinds, he usually wears a dark blue pair of those plastic like jogging pants with a white stripe down the side, a loose white tanktop and sometimes a white bandana over his head.
Personality:Generally nice, he can seem harsh to those who don;t know him, but he generally intends well. Though he lacks some skills in school knowledge, he has a basic understanding from highschool, and always has good advice for those around him. He was somewhat changed by the deletion of an old NAVI, but he didn't let it get to him. As human as he seemed, he was nothing more then data.
PET Modifications: Instead of a standered PET, his is a special verson of some sort, picked up with his new PET. Rather then being the square brick that is commonly seen, Moa's is bright red and black, and straps to the arm. It is about half the length of his forearm, and about the same width. A small holographic screen in projected into the air, and the actual PET part is mainly buttons and such.
Other: Never went to College and dosen't intend to. He recently picked up on Net battles as a new hobby. He dabbles in all kinds of Jobs and often, many at once so he can live as comfortably as he currently dose.

ELEMENT: Electric
TYPE: Break

EAV's helm has changed considerably after the corrupted data was stopped. The metal "face" of the helm has disappeared, and it seems to have been split into layered sections, the faceplate, earpiece, helm, and a visor. The faceplate is completely smooth, but the shape is designed to cover a human face as it has a peak for a nose. This is attatched to the earpiece, a stretched pentagon shaped armor plated electronic piece on each side of the helm. A small wire extends outward from it as well as an "armored antenna". The helm consists of the top piece of armor. Holding the faceplate and earpiece together, it consists of the stretched top of the helmet as well as a separate piece of armor on the front of the helmet. This separate piece of armor holds a brilliant blue light when EAV is activated. EAV's signature visor light has changed. While it still exists, It is now covered by a shaded visor which slightly dims the light of the piercing blue light. The visor can disappear in a show of data if neccasary. A variety of cords hang from under the helmet that dangle down its neck and plug into its suit. The whole helmet is a slightly off white color with a smooth satin feel. Under the helmet, EAV's face is rather odd. Virtually undistinguishable between a feminine male face or a plain female face, he has piercing blue eyes, spiked back blond hair (oddly reminiscent of the late Mutsumi), and pale skin.
EAV seems to be wearing a black bodysuit now under the armor (visible only on the neck). Also, an armored neck guard has appeared around EAV's exposed neck (Reaching higher then pictured). EAV's shoulder guards have now changed as to spike out. They have also turned black with a small part of EAV's sholder, a white triangular armor design carved into her shoulder guard. Its chest region is extended at a single point in the middle, While It's thought that EAV's body is inside the armor, the extended part should contain the electronics of the system. The finish of the armor is matte white (and black).
EAV's arms have remained mainly unchanged. A small spiked section on the outside of its forearms have turned black. Also, the patch of armor near EAV's hands that opens to vent heat remains the same. However, the heat vents on its legs have changed. Long rectangular vents on EAV's lower leg area now extend straight out to vent heat rather then opening up. Also, the sides of EAV's elbows and knees still have circular joints on the sides of the armor to hold rounded elbow/knee armor spots out.

PERSONALITY: EAV keeps a very calm composure, but my nature of its programming, others still need to explain anything outside of "text book english" which can lead to flustering situations to say the least. EAV tends not to talk much when it dosen't seem necessary, but occasionally shows hints of sarcasm. It's voice is nearly impossible to describe, but it is very smooth, and cannot be distinguished as a high male voice or a slightly off female voice. EAV can achive a decent level of programming. She is programmed with the ability to display holographic screens while on the net in a ghost in the shell manner.

STORY: The EAV series was developed as an early venture into the creation of custom NAVI. EAV 01-08 were all failures, unable to function because of errors in both programming and design. EAV was designed as a "Virtual scout" to explore the large and relatively mysterious world of the net. It was this purpose that made the programmers to create EAV to be semi-sentient. Much like space probes, EAV had to be prepared to take on challenges unmanned. So, gathering the limited information known of the net from the ventures of normal NAVI, the designers of EAV created her with knowledge of what to do in certain situations, but also, the ability to reprogram to an extent to accomplish tasks at hand. The events of EAV's creation are blurry, but as other companies advanced custom NAVI with greater offensive power, the EAV unit that was produced was quickly scrapped. EAV who had the incredible speed required of a scout was obsolete as there was almost no weapons it could use. 09 would be the last and only EAV. Long forgotten, someone found the EAV unit many years later, and with some updating and refitting with new weapons that had been developed since EAV's creation. EAV was found by Moa Akayama at a flea market, and from there the story began.

-"F-H PROTOTYPE BLADE" (Fury-heat)
The prototype Fury Heat blade was developed since the start of the EAV project, and was perfected with the completion of EAV version nine. The handle is a circular gray shaft about 16 CM long, with a small disk guard with a radius of about 3 CM. The blade is actually a smaller circular shaft mounted on the guard, about a meter in length and also a dull gray color. However, when activated from codes sent from EAV, the blade glows with a violent yellow energy, almost looking as if it was made of light before the light extends sky high in a piercing beam, several shockwaves surrounding the blade, dissipating before the energy dies down to leave the blade humming and glowing golden. The blade is blazing hot to the touch, and penetrates armor and just about anything else. It seems to be physically invincible, but the blade sometimes short-circuits.

What looks like a square vent right behind each of EAV's wrists open up to reveal a spring loaded gun barrel which extends from the exposed mechanism on EAV's forearm. The mechanisms work in three modes, a burst and automatic mode of normal bullets, a single shot mode for which shoots bullets of condensed electrical energy, and a sort of "lightning spike". A concentrated electrical burst of energy shoots out several feet before drawing in for devastating effects. Bullets load from inside EAV's arm internally while the casings are ejected from the back of the mechanism. The energy is produced from the mechanism as heat vents. This is the weapon EAV was initially equipped with.

A canister grenade is mounted on EAV's hip, and can be detached when needed. It can be detached easily and the pin is pulled for devastating effects. While the device is slightly crude, it has multi-capabilities, and is not to be handled lightly. Under proper circumstances, it even contains break capabilities. This is replenished as the spot of armor EAV pulls the grenade around spins in a socket to reveal a new grenade.

The vents on EAV's body open to release tremendous amounts of heat. Crackling electrical energy builds up, causing a partial overload of EAV's systems. This energy is released by EAV in the form of both ranged and melee blows to demolish enemies.
-Twice per turn, EAV may add stun to an attack. Each stun added deals 5 damage to EAV

Using a short phrase, movement or a mixture of both, a blinding flash occurs, obscuring view as well as sensors of all kind. When the enemies and allies recover, EAV has changed. While some parts of her armor stay white, her chestplate, gauntlet armor, waist and "Boot armor" become black. The places where the armor changed become slightly more exaggerated, as if armor upon armor. The general design of her armor becomes sharper and more ornate, and a golden V shaped crest on her chest plate. Small blue patches accent the armor in glowing lines. The antenna pieces on EAV's helm disapear, and instead, EAV's normal helm grows pointed long. Her normal combat face shielding will not activate. Instead, a metal face guard shapped like a face appears as a part of the helm. Also, her visor disapears and her helm top becomes a more slanted shape with glowing blue eyes. The "F-H sword" on EAV's back is replaced with a double edged human sword of the same size. When engaged, it begins to turns golden and emits a slight buzzing. In this form, weapons are implanted, and are often quite impossible. Some of the most notable weapons are rocket fists, implanted missiles, afterimages, laser weapons, and
I'm pretty sure you can only have your sigatks after you meet the level requirement.

Waiting on approval until I have a second opinion on formatting and whether or not we can pre-approve attacks.
I don't see any problem with the formatting, as all of the information is there.

The profile and Focusfire are both okay by me, but you don't need the 'can be used the same turn as other sigs' clause in there, because that rule has been repealed. I didn't even look at the the other sigs, as they can't be approved until you actually go and get the upgrade from the Navi Shop and are at the proper level.

Also, GMO is fine.
Clause removed, and also, 2 ref pics I didn't have time to add before are in.

EDIT: I hope I understand this correctly, thanks Wooga.

I want to edit my legacy items, (yes I had these chips)

I''ll take:
-Vulcan 2

as well as the other legacys I listed.

EDITEDIT: Changed the sig attack:
The vents on EAV's body open to release tremendous amounts of heat. Crackling electrical energy builds up, causing a partial overload of EAV's systems. This energy is released by EAV in the form of both ranged and melee blows to demolish enemies.
-Adds Stun and IC power to an attack
-Costs 5 HP to activate.
-Takes no action to start or use.
-Can be used only twice a turn.
-Cannot be used if EAV is under 40% health (rounded up to the nearest one.)

THe other two sig attacks are removed.
Two stuns for no action plus fluff.

I say that sounds okay. Cooldown 2, with some leeway for extra power. Waiting on second opinion.
Blegh. This may take a while:

At Spacemonkeys advice: edited verson.

The vents on EAV's body open to release tremendous amounts of heat. Crackling electrical energy builds up, causing a partial overload of EAV's systems. This energy is released by EAV in the form of both ranged and melee blows to demolish enemies.
-Twice per turn, EAV may add stun to an attack. Each stun added deals 5 damage to EAV

Exactly the same but no 40% limit.

I have one thing to say about this:


Anyway, you want the approval, edit the edits into your ACTUAL REGISTRATION FORM so I know what's there and what's not without looking at two to three different spots, 'k?

Edited in.....

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