Kaiser Blade; New Sig LVL 1B.

Kaiser Blade
Sig Cap:
Divinity puts both shields against eachother which melt together by the Signature Program. One of the shields generates a hole so Divinity can stick her hand in and grab the hilt that has formed within it. Energy forms around the shields, sensing its shape, and generates a sword slightly taller than herself. She summons Kaiser and jumps on top of him to charge off and attack the enemy with a slash of the sword. The sheer speed, generated by the sword and the speed of coming towards the target, of the slash causes it to bypass defenses. Afterwards, Kaiser returns to his rest spot and the shields fall apart from the energy generated by the sword.
- 60 damage to 1 enemy. Melee range.
- Pierces barriers and auras, dealing damage but not breaking the defense.
- IC speed.
- 1 Action.
- 2TCD.
As I have been told, this Signature Attack is OHHH-KAY.