Stranger to Love

Stranger to Love
Level 1.5A
80 Damage cap.

Celeste sings a sad breakup song while conjuring up the spirit of a young, heartbroken anime girl. As Celeste sings more, the girl begins to get more upset, increasing the the amount of tears the girl cries when Celeste unleashes the stored power.

Deals 15 Aqua damage per tear. Each burst level attacks with an amount of tears equal to Celeste's Attack stat. Has a current maximum Burst level of 2. Charging for one action adds one burst level.
As an equation: (Burst) x ((Attack Stat) x 15) = damage

Has a cooldown of (Burst-1), minimum 1.
Youse ain't Aqua. Damage cap is 60. ;P

And this attack would be dependent of the 'Attack' status too. Would the summary be like this?

(Amount of Burst Levels) x ((Number of Attack Status) x 20) = damage?
Yush @ shur.

OhsnapIknewIforgotsomething @ Demon.

Changed to 15.