Encroaching Earth Force

The final Level 1 sig attack of Druidman is... somthing that was approved on the old site, but never used! Exciting!

Encroaching Earth Force- DruidMan roars, "ENCROACHING EARTH FORCE!!!" A gaping cleft appears in the ground, swallowing up one enemy. The ground then shifts back to its original position, crushing the enemy for 70 Break damage. (It can break/partially ignore Guards and barriers.) The enemy is then rapidly expulsed from the land by rising roots, dealing an additional 30 Wood Damage. DruidMan must wait 3 turns before using the attack again, or else risk a massive earthquake.

And, just so you know, that 'Break' damage is like the 'Wind' damage in Razor Tornado Force: Normal damage, but can break barriers and stuff. Mostly fluff.
So 3 turn CD? Or you can ignore, just with massive penalities? ;P

Gonna have to mechanically explain this:

Quote ()

It can break/partially ignore Guards and barriers,
Uh, yeah, 3TC. I like being fluffy...

Yeah, with the way that the breaking of barriers has been changed... iduno. Let's go with that it can peirce Guards and stuff like a Met's pickaxe?

I just sorta copy/pasted it out of my old profile, and didn't really check for new rules... Maybe I should have.
Either way, you're over the 100 damage cap.

So do you want...

1. The break damage PIERCES, ie ignores defenses, but leaves them intact--then the 30 Wood damage hits, striking the defenses?
2. The break damage BREAKS, ie removes defenses, then the 30 Wood damage hits?
Oh yeah, damage equivilent...

You know what? I think I'll just add the breaking part in later. For now, 70Break/30Wood, Break being fluff.

I think Razor Tornado Force will need to be similarly fixed...

EDIT: I almost forgot. I still have that 10 free damage. What would the damage equivilents be on knockback, breaks (removes) barriers, and breaks (ignores) barriers?
20 across the board. Effects, unless listed otherwise in the rules, cost 20.

Approved, I guess.


Twi, thus the attack is actually...

(60 Damage + Break) + 30 Wood Damage. (60 + 20 + 30 = 100 + 10)

...Twi was tired when he approved this, and he forgot to add in the part of his post where he told SMS that his entire attack was okay and under the cap. Twi is sorreh.

Okay, so 60 'Break' that removes Barriers, then 30 Wood?

And while I'm at it, 45 'Wind' that has knockback, then 45 Wood?
For Razor, right?

Both approved.