Justice Shield

Name: Justice Shield
Level: 1b
Sig Cap: 90
Description: Divinity enlarges one of her shields, empowering its defense and sturdiness. The cross on the shields disappears temporarily, until the Signature Program is over, and is exchanged for a large mirror that almost covers the entire surface of the shield. The shield returns to its original size when it is hit by an attack, ending the Signature Program.
- Reflects 1 attack to attacker with equal damage as the original attack. Divinity receives no damage herself from this attack.
- Is unaffected by Break, Pierce or blowing-away-shields effects. It reflects the attack as any other attack.
- TCD is decided on the amount of damage returned. 0TCD for 39 damage or lower. 1 TCD for 40 damage to 79 damage. 2 TCD for 80 damage to 90.
- If an attack does more than 90 damage, it is only stopped but not reflected.
- This Signature Program cannot be used if there are Angelic Gift barriers surrounding Divinity.

When I get more Process Upgrades, the cap of the attack will increase too.