Navi: [Guillotine] User: [Brad Vidler]

Name: Brad Vidler
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: A young man with an average build, tan skin, dark-brown and short hair, diamond-blue eyes, and no (obvious) muscle buildup. He has a small scar on his lower left cheek, and will rarely ever talk about it, even when asked. When it comes to clothes, Brad prefers to wear T-shirts over jumpers, and cargo pants over jeans; for colours, he prefers bright colours over dull ones, but will still wear black and silver.
Personality: Usually nice and willing to help those who genuinely express decency. However, Brad can expose a dark side to those he feels aren't 'decent citizens'. To people who fall into that category he is harsh, cold, and generally unsupportive. However, it takes a lot to be seen as useless in Brad's eyes. Brad can also be cruel, inconsiderate, and unthoughtful, but only in extreme circumstances when emotions are running high.
PET Modifications: Yellow casing with black button (yellow writing on these). The screen is rounded rectangle in design, with orange slot-in casing and... not much more.

Name: Guillotine.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Electric
Type: Sword
Appearance: Larger build for a navi, but only slightly; we're not talking 7 foot giant here. The headpiece is spiked in 7 directions, evenly spaced around the head and very short in length. The edges of the spikes are orange, and the rest of the headpiece is yellow. His eyes have dual-line black rings for eye-sockets, with a large dot in the eyeball for a pupil, and nothing else. There are no ears, only two holes which are covered by a super-fine black mesh. The mouth is black in formation, with an orange tongue (rarely visible though.) His chest is staggered with yellow, orange, and black lines, in no particular order and no particular direction, with each overlapping each other. The arms share this design, with the same dual-line rings to mark both the elbows and the wrist. Long, retractable blades sits under his hand, and can be instantly slid out, should Guillotine feel the need for it (don't think Wolverine though: his come from INSIDE his hand, and he has several small blades, not one large blade). Each blade is extremely solid, yet thin in design and almost impossible to break. The legs are designed the same as the arm and eyes, with dual-line rings for the knees and the ankles. The feetpads have a zig-zag design on the bottom, and are black in appearance. The emblem sits on Guillotine's chest: it's black on the edge, with orange in the background. The foreground consists of two blades, crossed over. These two blades are also electrolysed, which is obvious by the loose rays of electricity you can see on them.
Personality: Not one to follow orders for no good reason, Guillotine prefers to trust experience and common sense rather than impulse and instinct. Not necessarily nice to all navis, but he's not out to slaughter each and every one. Guillotine feels like he's part of a higher order, and to respect that order, certain duties must be fulfilled. To do so, he tries to keep his morals high. However, in a life and death situation, he won't be afraid to cast these aside.
Custom Weapon: GuilloBlade (Guillotine thrusts out his right-hand blade, and charges some pulsating energy through it. Suddenly charging forward without warning, he swings a cold, electrolysing embodiment of pain at the enemy in question.)
Signature Attack: Serve, Set, Spike (Guillotine performs GuilloBlade as usual. However, instead of merely stopping at a bloody cut, Guillotine then grabs the target and thrusts it into the air. In the space of time available, Guillotine prepares his second blade in similar fashion to the first one. Jumping up into the air, Guillotine thrusts both blades into the target's body and pulsates it with a horrific amount of pure energy, in an attempt to spike and disrupt the enemy's brainwaves themselves. He then retracts the blades and smacks the enemy aside. This leaves the enemy in a state of temporary shock.) Attack Value: 50 + Stun (2-turn cooldown)


GET CHIP:Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
GET NCP:Undershirt, Attack+1, Charge+1, Rapid+1

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