Zane Luminite & Dual.EXE


Name: Zane Luminite

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zane is about five foot nine and he sticks out as he tends to wear his usual white apparel. His clothing have a lining of blue along the edges of his open jacket and his collar. His pants have a single streak going down the leg. His clothing are white other than those differences, but adding along to that, his he has his Navi's symbol of two swords crossed on the back using the same blue lining as it meets at the back to form the symbol as a monogram on his jacket. Under the jacket is a black shirt that is tucked into his pants neatly to show no wrinkles. His face seems gentle and his hair is long enough as it goes neck length and is trimmed on the sides to let two strands of hair dangle there, but are usually tucked behind his hair and pours to rest on his shoulder just barely. His hair is a light blue and a tuff of it is violet as it streaks across his forehead and his eyes are a strange cool sapphire blue that almost look like they would glow in the dark.

Personality: Zane's personality is a meek one. He is usually serious and takes time to blend in rather than stick out like a sore thumb no matter how difficult he finds this to be. He is brave and wouldn't hesitate to do what he could to ensure his safety, but he leaves himself out of certain situations, and by certain, those that have nothing to do with him. He acts like he is alien at times, and he was just born just yesterday for some odd reason, but it's because his memory is distorted due to experiments that occurred on him secretly in SciLab.

When net battling, Zane seems to love it for some reason. He takes it serious and tends to use everything to his disposal, but he doesn't go as far to think of underhand tactics. He stays in sync with his navi or any other when trying to battle to suit the situation. He is an enigma who is needed to be cracked if possible, but he doesn't try to let anyone into his heart, nor into his mind. He is plain and keeps his heartless expression to prevent anyone from seeing into his mind since he hadn't quite figured himself out since his life had been hectic every since he awakened in Scilab.

When communicating with others, he often would leak things out to himself and his past if others would become close to him to make him open up. He is really shy and tends to avoid human contact and conversation, but he also knows that he is easy to learn about since he tends to talk about nothing else, but to ask who is he, and what is his purpose in life other than to be a guinea pig.

PET Modifications: The basic PET that is being used around. The navi symbol is an emblem of two blades crossing each other as they seem to be those of a sword while the background is black. The color of it is a white with gold on the lower sides of it while the color meets around the back of the PET. It seems a bit more new and polished. The PET is off the Axcess variety that fits snuggly into a palm and grips from the sides.


Name: Dual.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Cursor
Appearance: Dual's appearance appears as if he is a very light navi. He is thin and his suit color is a dark yellow along with a sleek white streak going down the sides of his legs. His feet have the footwear of yellow boots and his mid chest area has almost armored with a gold plate. The Navi symbol rests on the plate while his back of the plate is more expansive as it holds two slots on the back where his swords seem dormant. His hands are gloved with the golden like armor and they turn shape to use his Dual blasters.

His face is more of a teen like demeanor as he bears resemblance to Zane. His helmet comes over his head and is colored gold with two white streaks running over the top of them and has sheets that flap on the sides. The sheets appear thin and clear of a white color. His eyes are a blue color as well and he usually carries a straight face showing how prepared he is.

Personality: Dual is not a very active Navi. He spends most of his time thinking and staying ready to aid Zane. His matters usually like beneath Zane's eyes as he soften often does things without his NetOps knowing, but nothing major, just minor tasks to retrieve data and preparing to get Zane something he might require, all out of good manner. Dual is completely loyal.

Dual has little communication skills however. Although he know he needs allies at times, he doesn't do so making them the right way since he is experienced enough to be on his own. He would find himself making a friend or two every once and a while, because it is in his programming to do so, and he know it will please Zane since he doesn't have many friends, as if any at all as of now. He will use teamwork in some cases since he is use to it, being the SU medium in lab experiments.

In battle Dual is focused. His style is overwhelming sword and blaster attacks using his Dual blades and Dual Guns which are blasters with multiple and rapid fire capabilities. He would keep an eye out for enemies being careful not to slip up and disappoint his NetOp. If he had a fear at this point, it would be failure.

Custom Weapon: Dual's Gattler - Dual Gattler is a multiple three barrel blaster that forms on a single hand, or even both. It's usually used to target more than one target that's in the way or make a rapid fire attack to make sure that he doesn't miss, or to make his enemy hysterically dance to torture. The hand changes as it seems to reveal the three barrels and a slightly larger wrist that holds the barrels. The blaster shoots and then rotates constantly after a shot to continue his melee of powerfully aimed blasts while keeping a lock on with his visor that comes over his eyes. The recoil after the shots give him little reaction time in between shots.

Signature Attack: Dual.EXE draws his weapon, the Edge Sword, for a quick strike attack. Although it is unclear why, but Dual's weapon is unstable. His Edge Sword is a weapon composed of pure light like a beam sword without solidity and when used to defend himself by locking blades, it can't do that at all and the enemy's blade can pass through to strike Dual, but his weapon carries the amazing Luminous Edge signature attack. Dual whips his weapon to make a extremely quick slash that causes a slash of light energy to pass through the field to strike the enemy in a diagonal or curved path depending on his swing. (In other words, similar to ScreenDiv) The attack is unpredictable unless they can watch Dual's sword. The weapon counts as a Cursor attack because of it's type of strike using energy rather than a blades that deal a solid strike. The damage isn't mounting since it does nothing more than 70 damage, but it is enough to catch enemies off guard and delete virii in a foul swoop.

Coupla things, though.

I don't play as a Cursor, but as far as I understand, Cursors tend to be more gun-type Navis (see Zal's Triggerman.EXE). To me, a sword doesn't quite fit that sort of bill. You see, according to the Subtype system, Cursor-type Navis have the power to increase the accuracy of one of their attacks per turn. More gun-ish, but oh well.

Oh, and make it easy on us lazy Mods. List your Signature Attack something like Luminous Edge, 60 damage, 2 TCD (remember, the roof for first-level SigAtks is 70 damage with a 2-turn cooldown!), and we lazy coloured-names will love you forever for making our job simpler. XD

Unfortunately, I haven't got the power to accept. Wait for a brown- or a gold-name to tell you you're in, and then you'll be set to get started!

Dual...Duo? Oh, whatever.
In light of EN's recent promotion, she now DOES have the power to accept.

AND, I see no problems either, save the nitpicks that EN pointed out.

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Attack+1, Charge+1, Rapid+1

Post in the profiles sections, then get out there and RP!