Kurt Benniford and Resonance.EXE

Name: Kurt Benniford
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Most often times Kurt is seen in his navy blue jumpsuit, simply adorned with his name stitched on front in small lettering and his company logo (Harmonics) etched across his backside. When not working, a simple patterned shirt and black slacks are his typical attire. He doesn't usually stand at his full 6'3" height, hunched over when irritated and slouching when relaxed. His short, spiked, sandy-brown hair and scraggly stubble on his chin suggests that he cares little for his looks, yet the red tinted sunglasses he always wears suggest otherwise.

Personality: Brash and short-tempered, Kurt tends to fly off the handle whenever anything goes out of the ordinary. This tends to happen quite often as he prefers to plan ahead when it comes to everything, albeit short-sighted in most cases. However when he finally does calm down, his judgement and insight are second to none. Under any other circumstances, he tends to remain overall cheerful or sarcastic.

PET Modifications:
-Detachable four-point speakers (Fifth point hard-wired into PET).
-High-end headset for excellent-quality audio recording and playback.
-Cable and Wireless Jack-in capability (IR port reserved for headset).
-Silver casing with two lime green stripes running horizontally across the center and a "Harmonics" logo on back.


Name: Resonance.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Break
Appearance: Resonance is slightly taller than your average navi with a slightly muscular build. The main portion of his body is covered in a silver skin suit with two, thin, lime green stripes running horizontally across his waist and center of his chest. The suit is slightly thicker than normal with specific design to withstand vibration and pressure differentials. His oversized gloves and boots are shadow grey, each containing a lime green stripe running the outer length. The suit fully encompasses his head, a red visor and backlit mouthpiece denote the only minor noteworthy features.

His most outstanding feature would be the oversized tuning fork magnetically held to his back, prongs pointed skyward. The fork itself is roughly Resonance's height, so the two prongs extend quite a bit beyond his shoulders making him appear taller. Next, most notable is that atop his shoulders are removable, multi-directional speakers. On the rear of each speaker is his navi emblem; a silver tuning fork over a lime green background with black elliptical waves eminating from between the prongs. The final noteworthy feature would be two radio, drop-down microphones extending inches from each side of his head. They tend to give off the impression of having 'floppy ears'.

Personality: Resonance is often the more passive navi as opposed to social one, preferring to listen and take note of surroundings or comment on the sounds and tones of others nearby. Because of this, he tends to not pay much attention to everything that others say, which can make holding anything but a direct conversation with him difficult. In clutch situations and when instructed by Kurt, he remains focused on task.

Custom Weapon: For his normal attacks, Resonance makes use of his oversized tuning fork in numerous fashions.
-Sound Strike: Resonance forcably places his tuning fork upside the opposing target's head (or whatever other object/navi part is within reach). Deals Power X Rapid +5 Damage.
-Tuned Strike: Resonance taps the prongs of his tuning fork against an object in order to build up vibration, then strikes a target, additionally releasing the built up vibrations into the target. Deals Power X Charge X 4 +20 Elec Damage
-Tonal Wave: With tuning fork directly in front of him, Resonance strikes both prongs at once with his free arm sending a wave of sound towards the desired target. Deals Power X Rapid +5 Damage.
-Reverb Blast: Holding the tuning fork in a sidearm fashion, prongs pointed directly at the target,Resonance repeatedly raps each prong in a single rapid motion to build up dischord. He then thrusts the fork forward launching the built up sonic blast at the target. Deals Power X Charge X 4 +20 Elec Damage

Signature Attack:

1-A: Harmonic Barrier(70HP barrier)CD: 2
- Description: Resonance strikes his tuning fork with enough force that a continuous wall of sound builds up around himself. The barrier constantly pulses with the tone used until struck. Physical objects or navis (i.e. melee or weapon strikes) are redirected harmlessly to the side. Physical projectiles do the same or, if small enough, vibrate enough so that the fall to pieces upon contact with the wall. Energy projectiles entering the wall dissipate. Each contact with the wall causes a large ripple and decreases the amplitude of the soundwave until eventual dissipation.

Future Sigs:

1-B: Overtones {passive} (Damage field with Silencing effect)

1-C: Feedback Loop (Charged sound blast with Stun and Break effects)

2-A: Dissonant Sphere (LR sonic 'bomb' with Stun and Break effect, Minor splash effect)

2-B: Physical Modulation (Shockwave with cracked panel effect, additional damage to underground targets and objects)

3.0: Cacaphony of Tones (2-4 Tuning forks surround central target causing damage via sound and air pressure in multiple waves with Stun, Break, Silence, and Confusion effects. Splash damage with danger zones. Requires charging, determining the number of forks.)

4.0: Threshold of Pain

5.0: Maximum Frequency
I still think I defend the fact that you can't count 40 points of barrier the same as 40 points of damage. I mean, think about it. It's likely it will be impossible to even hurt him at all with a barrier that powerful in any regular net.

It's not your navi specifically, it's just that it seems it's working off a mechanic that I've opposed for a long time. If you think about the basic virus busting experience, I believe you'll probably agree. No regular virus hurts more than about 30. Viruses very rarely even hit if you put in a dodge. This means that you'll have to be hit around 4 times minimum to sustain any damage at all during any of the stages of busting, even up to Sharo or Netfrica. Even the Undernet would be significantly effortless.

It isn't something against this navi specifically, because I personally see nothing wrong otherwise. I just think it's a problem that needs to be addressed for future navis as well. I really don't think that 40 points of barrier equates to 40 points of damage.

Quote (AimMan)

I still think I defend the fact that you can't count 40 points of barrier the same as 40 points of damage. I mean, think about it. It's likely it will be impossible to even hurt him at all with a barrier that powerful in any regular net.

Well, here's my understanding. A barrier is like having an extra set of HP to soak before taking damage to the navi directly. Once the barrier is destroyed, since it is a sig attack, it could then be reactivated after the cooldown, thus restoring a first set of HP to deplete before striking the navi directly again.

So if following this line of understanding, and please correct me if I'm wrong, then perhaps barriers should fall under the line relating to healing sigs (20pts damage = 15pts healing). Does that sound a little more realistic to you?
...This reminds me heavily of Soundman, my first navi. Only, you know, a million times better.

Damn it.

Aim mentioned that you had a sound-based navi previously Twi. While I appreciate the comment, I'm sure that yours was just as good in it's own respect.
Nah. He was... bland. Really, really bland.

Anyway, this looks okay.


*cough* Just a note, the Sig might get nerfed in the future.