Ante Dresses to Impress

Using Ante's first free GMO and also Fold's first free GMO on the below two GMOs:

-Cat-Hairband Waitress.GMO (for Ante)-
Diving into the otaku culture of Electopia Net's pages, Teruko unearthed this GMO for Ante's waitress mission. The outfit replaces all of her traditional gear, leaving her rust-orange hair out fully rather than hooded. An white hairband with soft, synthetic calico-colored cat ears attached is placed atop her head, with the band mostly hidden and the ears showing. Her new costume consists of a bright orange waitress' uniform, including a wide-brimmed, but not overly long, frilled skirt, attached to a band around the waist of the same color, buttoned up the back. Frilled overall straps run up to either shoulder and cross into an X shape on the back, circling back under the armpits. The breasts are framed by the straps on the front, but said straps are partially eclipsed by the swell of the bust. A white, frilled apron covers the front , tied at the back with an oversized bow. Beneath the skirt/straps, she wears a white blouse with fluffed shoulders, but thin-fitting sleeves, also a little tight around the chest. A collar circles her neck, white leather with a gold tag displaying her name, "Ante," in cursive lettering. Long, white stockings cover the area from toe to thigh, with small, orange ribbons tied at the highest points of the stockings. Her feet are clad in closed-toed, orange-colored shoes with heels; thankfully, she has a lot of practice walking in higher heels than these. Finally, a swishing, plush, calico-patterned tail extends from lower back part of the skirt, though it's not quite clear where it connects.

Like all of Ante's outfits, it is, by necessity, layered, due to the nature of her unique glitch, but those layers will remain a secret for now. Ante's Shuffle Scepter and her card changers are dismissed in this GMO, but can be called back in their ordinary form if needed without disengaging the GMO.

-Cat-Hairband Waitress .GMO (for Fold)-

The aspects of Fold's costume are all very similar to Ante's Cat-Hairband Waitress GMO, with the major difference being the color: her cat ears, hairband, shoes, skirt, and tail are all full black in color. Her nametag also states her name as "Fold," of course. Because of her height and the width of her musculature, the outfit looks somehow a little less appropriate on her, showing more of the legs and seeming more strained at the back, where it's difficult for the blouse to hide the shape of her back shoulder-blades.

The outfit is similarly layered with articles hidden beneath. Her shield and spatha are both hidden, but can be summoned back if needed for combat.