Asymptote The Galvanized

With a literal shock to the system at the end of his busting in a plane's network by way of a group of stalkers unrelated third party, Asymptote's less-than-malleable data Asymptote carries undergoes a sort of "mutation". By way of the electrical energy coursing through his body as he was forcefully jacked out by this energy (mostly by reducing his HP to zero in a non-combat routine), his body absorbs and adapts to the energy, changing his Elemental type to Elec, as well as his body making a few adjustments to contain and harness that energy.

Old: His body was lengthed and his form's muscle mass increased considerably, his arms lengthened to around twice what his original length was, and his legs given a large increase in size and moderately in length, making his total height around that of around six feet tall. His head covered by a metalic helmet sporting a division symbol on his forehead as his navi emblem, housing his core data with two crimson and bloodshot eyes. Holes looking almost drilled into his face, two where his nostrils would be, and a good number where his mouth should be, allowing him to speak, however little it is used. His body turned into an amalgamation of it's orginal self, bulged out muscles and pale flesh ripping through the chest of his original navi suit, black metal looking almost welded to his body. His form far more muscular and powerful compared to his original form, as the green and white tatters of his original navi-suit hanging down and concealing his lower body, practically moving along with him to keep the newly recreated navi have a semblance of decency. His custom weapon nowhere to be seen, is actually installed into his core data, allowing him to create symbols, letters and numbers from the thin air to fight with.

New: Asymptote's body sits at Six feet and Nine inches tall, his body having been lengthened, grown and enhanced to help contain the added data that transformed his body. His arms sitting at about 83 inches long at the very least, with hands big enough to grasp a normal sized navi's head and wrap his fingers around the back of their neck. His body muscular in shape, his muscles easily matching even a professional weight lifter's shape and size, and due to this added height and, most importantly, weight, to his body, he must make very deliberate and calculated movements until he finally learns to move far more sporadically and instinctively. If this was the least of Asymptote's worries, he might finally learn the nuances of his abilities and his body shape. But after a (calculated by a third party) accident after a busting run, Asymptote was blasted with a bolt of lightning and forcefully jacked out of the network, causing bugs and mutations to begin to form in his body.

After a period of time and a chance to rest, Asymptote awoke to a variety of mutations, as well as a new elemental typing in the realm of the same bolt of lightning that struck him, Elec. As a side-effect of this chance from Normal to Elec elemental alignments, Asymptote's body has mutated outwards and increased the bulk upon his body. Where his spine would be, a variety of batteries, rusted and bloody bolts and, most importantly, a small electrical generator have sprouted atop of his spine and stretched and ripped his skin outwards. The batteries looking like simple alkaline batteries to help fuel his electrical nature have sprouted on either side of his curvature, bloody and rusty in nature with pulsating veins flowing into the packs of energy; Bolts that have sprouted along the sides of his spine and on either side of his neck to help channel the energy and help Asymptote absorb the electrical energy from other sources, each a rustic red in color with hints of a metallic grey. And finally, a small power generator about the size of his hands is planted in the absolute middle of his back with a pair of electrical wires feeding off of either side of his body. The power generator a simple brown color with metallic hints of grey, the generator has the most red veins trailing off of either side of it vertically, pulsating with a soft green glow coming off of the middle of it, and the wires a simple black color with an electrical hiss coming off of either end. The wires are about half the size of Asymptote's wingspan, but are curled into the generator and able to stretch out to more than twice of his wingspan, if not thrice. Asymptote's mask has also been given a change due to this mutation, the middle now has a pneumatic canister on either side and a movable cylinder that moves up and down, with a jagged break in the absolute middle of his mask, allowing Asymptote to mimic the movements of a mouth, but not the lip and facial movements of a human or humanoid navi's. On the inside of his mouth is a simple row of sharp, shark-like teeth and a segmented, metallic tongue that mimics a human's.
This all seems alright and sufficiently justified to me, I can approve. Make sure to update your signature with the new element.