Second SP base means a second SP at last, so I present:

Name: Sephoinne(Seffy)
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Team

Appearance:Standing at a towering 6'5", this half bird, half woman seemed to be all about the charm. Void of any clothing what-so-ever. The tall creature was covered in beautiful, rich blue and bronze feathers. Soft pink-red hair topped her head, flowing down to gradual highlights of light violet as it reached just below her knees, often hidden behind the very extravagant and eye-catching feathers that spread from just above her butt to from a plumage similar to that of a peacock. Each feather topped with varying shapes or marks designed to confuse or draw attention to them. Light yellow eyes gleam above a far to suggestive smile, while round her neck a simple choker made of soft down feathers sits. Shoulders are left completely bare, as is the majority of her stomach, while her ample C bust size, accented by the support of a line of feathers and down that act as strapless support and keep her modest, if accentuating her cleavage. Sent in the center rests a large ruby gemstone, designed to attract the gaze exactly to where it belongs. Same blue feathers drift down her sides and back, leaving stomach exposed, only to close around her hips and cover her completely as the feathers protect her lower half to the knees. This is where the first oddity arises as from just beneath her knees her legs grow slender, replaced by leathery scales that travel down to large, gripping claws tipped with silver talons. Likewise her arms seem to be coated in feathers, shifting from the same royal blue to end in bronze wings instead of wrists and hands. Whether she actually has hands remains yet a mystery as feathers completely block all view, and she's as of yet used her arms for anything beyond the function of wings.

Personality: Sephoinne is quite wise and intelligent, often acting as both the voice of understanding and reason, as well as the occasional older sister and mentor to Lucia. This however in the confines of battle she will at times act out in flashy or even seductive ways to try and lull her enemies into confusion, charming for their affections, or outright drawing their attention away from others to render them vulnerable to attack. She takes pleasure in the teasing of others, luring them into a false sense of safety only to play pranks upon her unsuspecting prey.
Currently: 280 Bugfrags

Level: 0
HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1
Abilities: None

Flight: Planeswalking (+3 Levels) = 100 Bugfrags
Second Chance (+3 Levels) = 100 Bugfrags
Hit Point+ (V1, V2 & V3, +3 Levels) = 60 Bugfrags

Total = 260

After Upgrades: 20 Bugfrags remaining

Level: 9
HP: 70
Attack: 10
Actions: 1
Abilities: PlanesWalking, Second Chance

Lucia: +1 Level due to SP
Lucia.EXE lvl 21
Checks out, approved.