Costumes unlocked!

Finally getting some courage to say a few harsh things to her operator, Lyntael surprised and shocked both herself, and Rogan, but one result was that he actually -looked- at the permissions on some of the basic features that many navis take for granted, and now Lyntael can edit some of her own appearances.

The very first action she took with this new-found power was to fix the issue with her default wardrobe. The skirt and top are fine, and she still loves yellow most of all, however the previously gauzy, transparent underwear that looked like they belonged more on a lingerie model than a young girl, were quickly scrapped and replaced with thing more fitting and more comfortable: Some simple, all-covering and wonderfully plain cotton unders, coloured a very pale yellow, that almost looks white. This may only be a very small change, all told, but for Lyntael it's a world of difference in terms of her own personal comfort levels.

She also has Two .GMO slots available for customising, but we'll leave those for now. More coming later.
Oh hey, I'm a blue name, and I can approve simple stuff like this. Thus, I approve this minor change.