The 2Late2Hate Anyis/Magna Update

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Quote (Anyis)

YankeeGirl.GMO (Level 10 GMO)
Anyis keeps a rather large collection of extra memories in storage... that aren't hers. Turns out absorbing the collective spirit of thousands of dead Navis gives you a lot of thoughts you wouldn't normally have. Curious to see if any of them knew anything interesting, Anyis has been combing through the files at her leisure, and one of the early memories she read hinted at a powerful hidden treasure. She went off to seize it immediately, and go figure, the treasure was just a GMO, and a trapped one at that. The owner of that memory was apparently craftier than Anyis gave credit for. The GMO attached itself to Anyis immediately, and the damn thing wasn't going to come off without a whole lot of work.

So, by no choice of her own, Anyis has the GMO of a delinquent schoolgirl. Whether as by a function or just a coincidence, the sailor uniform mostly conforms to her pre-existing colors. The knee-length pleated skirt is blue like Anyis's bodysuit, and the uniform's short-sleeved shirt is white like her robe. The collar is blue, same as the skirt, with a single white stripe running near the edges in a full circle around the side flaps and back extension. The cut of the shirt reaches to Anyis's cleavage, but this is the outfit for a delinquent and not a deviant, so the collar has an extra layer of blue cloth sewn underneath to make the cut a little more conservative. To emphasize said delinquentness, a single silver chain dangles out of Anyis's skirt pocket and rattles about in an intimidating fashion as she moves. Finally add black socks that reach halfway up Anyis's shins and brown slip-on shoes, and that's as far as her outfit goes. Her hair is entirely left to lay out as it pleases like normal (apparently being deemed fitting for a delinquent girl), and Anyis retains her gold, sapphire-inset bracelet on her right wrist. On occasion, Anyis can be found partaking in cheap (sugar-free) lollipops while using this GMO. Bothering her for the flavor or expecting her to share may instead get you a close-up view of...

==Custom Weapon: Comet Tail==
What kind of dumb name is that? It's just an aluminum bat! There's nothing special about... W-what is that blue fire? Oh god, it's cold! Really cold! Aaaaargh, I'm freezing! I'm freez-

--HeelNavi Goon A

Quote (Magna)

MicroPack.GMO (Level 5 GMO)
By popular demand of people and doors everywhere, Magna now comes in miniature size... for him, anyway. Since Mill's still hooked on the idea of standardizing Magna's parts, the downsizing is still with the Pack GMO series, equipping the golem with a purple, rectangular metal box on his back. This one is just a bit over 6 feet from top to bottom, and holds the replacement parts to shrink Magna down into less of a public hazard. Well... it would, but swapping out individual parts wasn't going to make the 11 foot tall golem any smaller. So Mill just recycled the concept of a GMO Magna had back when he was a Navi: give him a smaller body. The MicroPack equipment box contains exactly 1 replacement body for Magna, which he possesses by transferring his orange core energy into before hopping out of the box and sending his default body back to the PET for safe keeping.

The "mini" Magna is a mechanical android body shaped more like most humanoid Navis and SPs than his default golem form. Proportionally, the body is perfectly human, so the arms, legs, torso, and head all have their respective usual shape. This is still Magna, though, so an ample amount of purple armor plating is assured, giving him the heavy and powerful look that's always expected of him. He's actually more uniformly purple in this body than his default, with extra armor on his thighs and upper arms in particular, but the joints and flex points are still pale yellow per his unchanged color palette, not disguised by any plating. Magna's android body has no distinct face, as his head is a fully-encasing helmet with just the single distinction of an opaque full-faced orange visor. The visor isn't flush with the helmet, being offset outward by stretching up over Magna's forehead and partway around his jaw line. The faint glow of Magna's orange core energy can be seen within the visor, and it illuminates to varying degrees when he speaks.

==Custom Weapon: Blast Venting==
Magna's android body doesn't have the load capacity to keep his high-caliber beam cannons, but he does retain the bracer vents on his arms. The energy output on the vents has been amplified to compensate for the lost weaponry, being able to unleash powerful instantaneous blasts of Magna's orange core energy in addition to adding the usual extra propulsion to his punches.
Approved. (for the hat trick)