Hanging onto one of Hex's for future use.

Quote (Hex's GMOs)

"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster..." - Friedrich Nietzsche
Since the unknown days before his conversion into his current state, Hex has kept an internal database of every strain of virus he's ever encountered in battle, or used the remains of in the form of Battlechips. In this GMO, the database gets converted into a list of viruses he can emulate shells of, similar in function to his stockpile of empty Navi bodies. The result is a typically-unsettling mishmash of virus parts, held together via strands of protoplasm. In a strange twist, a glitch in Hex's systems causes his vocal encoders to fail when in this GMO, only capable of imitating the feral noises of the viruses he's imitating. This leaves him forced to rely on silent, text and binary-based communication; Arch can't decide whether it's an honest glitch, or Hex actively trying to imitate some sort of virus-amalgamation.

Custom Weapon: Emulation
As an amalgamation of viruses, Hex naturally has as many methods of attack available to him as he does viruses. His buster stats filter into every attack he does, thus no matter the look of the attack, be it elemental, or seemingly too big to be limited to a single target, it's merely a disguise, nothing more.

Viruses Assimilated (sum of viruses fought and Battlechips owned)

  • Teddy

"...And if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche
Conclusion.GMO advances Hex's glitch-ridden appearance to its logical endgame. Any semblance of a humanoid form is all but gone, the only remnants being a sentient cloud of static under Hex's control. It can pool across the ground, or float as a noxious, opaque haze, so impenetrable it's as though a patch of the night sky has been snipped and patched onto the Netscape. Hex has as much control over this form as he does any other, so he can twist the static into any shape he pleases, though much of the time aberrations happen regardless of what he does. Arch reports that he can hear strange, half-audible voices coming from the static cloud, or occasionally see silhouettes of people he knows. Whether any of this is true or paranoid ramblings is anyone's guess, but as with Assimilation.GMO, the end result is more than a little bit unsettling for the standard Navi to have to look at.

Custom Weapon: Corruption
Just as with his standard configuration, Hex's static body in this form is by its very nature harmful to the touch, literally a sentient mass of toxic glitches. His morphic capabilities are nigh-endless, and bound to confuse upon viewing.

Quote (ScorchMan's GMO)

This .GMO file is the singular reason ScorchMan never lets his Operator code while drunk...and really, it's all the reason he needs. One night at the deputy chief's house, gathered around the TV downing beers and watching sports, Griffin and his firefighter buddies all decided it would be the funniest thing to have their brigade of manly, rough-and-tough firefighters' Navis all granted shapely, female bodies. The idea caught on, and that very night the lot of them grabbed their PETs, went out to the nearest electronics store that was open late, grabbed some standard female .GMO bases, and all started adapting their Navis to fit them. Some went a little more overboard than others, and thus ScorchMan is relatively thankful that Griffin didn't alter his design that much...relatively, because it doesn't change the fact that his one GMO file is turning into a woman.

ScorchLady is still noticeably fit, if built more for speed than power like ScorchMan is, and wears nearly the exact same armour as her male counterpart: same helmet, same bulky Scorch Busters, same giant vented shoulderpads, even the same scarred face and leg; only a long, flowing curtain of auburn hair escaping the back of her helmet keeps these adornments from being completely identical. The only change made to ScorchMan's armour is in the chest and thigh armour, both of which have been altered in shape to conform to ScorchLady's impressive...proportions. In addition, she has one addition to her armour that he lacks: the plating over his stomach normally stops at the stomach, covering his abdominal muscles. ScorchLady's variation has it continue in a segmented pattern all the way down her body, covering between her thighs and coming back up the backside, attaching to the back of her torso plate. Griffin argues that this was done with the intent of preserving modesty, as otherwise there would be nothing covering her bottom but form-fitting bodysuit. This may well be true, but the strap-like armour does such a good job of emphasizing her femininity that it more than makes up for the coverage.

ScorchMan's voice changes dramatically in the transformation, going from a subdued baritone to a pleasant contralto, among the lower range for women but still very obviously female. Thankfully for the Navi, all combat routines are utterly unchanged, meaning the sole indignity is the appearance...though, with ScorchMan's attitude on the matter, and Griffin's unyielding resolve to keep the 'Firefighting Ladies of Kotobuki' alive feels like more than enough injustice for him to feel indignant about the whole arrangement.
Denied, because ScorchLady needs a Nietzsche quote

Approved. Do remember that none of your gmos can give you stats or abilities in battle when rping your hex gmos. You'll need to be sure that all actions, mechanically, remain interchangeable.