Retroactive Rebirth

As I've already got a pair and profiles up, I didn't really feel it was correct to post this there. Rather, this is something I was hoping to do since I re-registered: turn Binary into Hex.

I was at first stymied by the fact that my old account got deleted in my absence, making a clean transition useless. In lieu of that, I've been given the okay to make a manual Rebirth; in other words, going over every last thread from my original account, and porting over whatever I can find and provide proof for having owned.

Quote (Reason for Rebirth)

In the catastrophic system failure that resulted in Binary's annihilation, the Navi absorbed and consumed the entirety of Chris' PET, and most of a lesser SciLabs server. In doing so, the data-entity that Binary had become fractured into several fragments; even as the core data continued to consume everything within reach, the pieces were propelled out into the open Net; each one had little more than a fledgling shard of consciousness and whatever data from the original body they'd been left with. With barely any write-protection to speak of, they very quickly became infested with bugs, to the point of most of their valuable contents force-encrypting themselves to prevent damage.

As the Operator of the Navi responsible for the catastrophe, Chris Lemrock's contract of service with SciLabs was immediately terminated. In a fit of rage, he threw the PET from his high-rise window, presumably destroying it and ridding himself of the painful reminder. In reality, his own personal modding prevented its destruction, thanks to a reinforced titanium frame he'd thought to install; the case, nonetheless, was quite dented, and for quite some time was left abandoned where it had landed, in an alleyway some blocks away from Chris' apartment.

Enter Archibald Voldt, a misanthropic stoner of a Net-architect, on an aimless walk through the residential district surrounding the Labs. By sheer cosmic chance, he stumbled upon the titanium PET while taking a shortcut back to his apartment. Fumbling with it, he found signs of not-insignificant upgrading for a Navi, but no Navi whatsoever. Mind made up in a fit of drug-enhanced determination, he proceeded to make it his personal project to make a Navi to work with these upgrades. With years of experience as a virtual architect, he was an extremely fast coder, but as he quickly found out, he did not have the slightest bit of success with coding Navis, and each soulless body utterly failed to interact with the seemingly-empty PET. His homepage quickly piled high with hundreds of failed projects, where they were forgotten and left to deteriorate.

One Binary-fragment containing the data for Chris' collection of Battlechips, by now hopelessly corrupted, had found itself wandering SciLab Net, by the virtuous chance of having not been blasted off so forcefully by the fracturing as some of the other pieces. It was perhaps only this close proximity that allowed it to feel a faint connection with its old PET; searching found it the link to Arch's homepage, having connected it to Chris' old PET in his attempts to build a Navi for it. In exploring the homepage, the Navi-fragment discovered the massive pile of Arch's failed Navi projects, and inadvertently absorbed the whole lot, possessing them and finally having a means of communication. The PET recognized the Binary-fragment as a complete Navi, and allowed him access again. Arch was given none too gentle of a shock upon waking up one morning to discover his old failures being possessed and worn like armour, but after some time grew used to the glitched shard.

The Navi-fragment, now named Hexadecimal, was so utterly corrupted that despite living in precisely the same PET he had as Binary, the PET did not recognize him, and as such didn't allow him access to his old upgrades (for Chris has perhaps been a bit overprotective of his and his Navi's files). One day, something sparked the glitched Navi to begin virus busting for (what he believed to be) the first time. After a short run through ACDC Net and a great deal of stress applied to his frame, the glitches subdued just long enough for the PET to recognize Hex for what he was, and allowed him access to the Navi-locked contents. The very same percussive maintenance, in happy coincidence, managed to reopen the encrypted Battlechip files stored within the Navi, allowing Hex to regain at least a fair portion of his original strength. Neither Hex or Arch have the slightest clue as to the Navi's origins, but with memories starting to trickle in and Hex's drive to figure out where he came from, Arch doesn't see any problem with letting the ramshackle AI do as he pleases.

Battlechips Rebirthed:

    [li]3x Cannon
    [li]1x Vulcan2
    [li]3x RageClaw1
    [li]1x ShockWave
    [li]1x Sword
    [li]1x EnergyBomb
    [li]1x Countbomb1
    [li]2x Guard1
    [li]2x DBLBeam1
    [li]1x Heatshot
    [li]1x Firehit1
    [li]1x Candle2
    [li]1x WideShot1
    [li]1x Thunder1
    [li]2x ElecReel1
    [li]2x CactBall1
    [li]1x CornShot1
    [li]1x Boomerang1
  • TOTAL: 26

Upgrades Rebirthed:

    [li]Process Upgrades: 9 (+360 Sig Points)
    [li]NaviCust Upgrades: Undershirt, FirstBarrier
    [li]Speed Upgrades: 1
    [li]HP Memories: 3
  • Zenny: 7025 (a sum composed of rewards from here and here, neither of which was ever spent).

Source for Battlechips #1
Source for Battlechips #2
Source for Battlechips #3, FirstBarrier, Speed Upgrades, HP Memories (Last recorded post here)
Source for Process Upgrades
*gives a fake medal for effort to write a rebirth justification*

Retroactive rebirth approved on all counts, and Hex's previous starter pack is annihilated out of existence.
Just posting this minor profile edit here, for purposes of keeping continuity in check. Changes are in red.

Quote ()

Name: Archibald Voldt ['Arch']
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Physically speaking, Arch can roughly be summed as the epitome of the Netopian everyman, boiled down into a single human being. His features are all properly in place - straight teeth, brown eyes, generic dark straight hair, and all of it almost predisposed to being forgotten, or at least mixed in with the myriad faces people see from day to day. He stands of average build, perhaps a little taller than most and a tad overweight, and seems to wear nothing but jeans and button-down shirts in various shades, possibly with a windbreaker hastily thrown on overtop. The only constant features to him are the leather satchel permanently at his side (at least, whenever he chooses to leave his apartment), which is ostensibly for carrying his laptop but tends to wind up holding a bit of everything, and the huge, bulky headphones that never seem to come off his ears.
Arch is, above all else, a bit of a misanthrope. This reflects on just about everything about him: his anonymous job as a Net architect, his solitary lifestyle and resulting shut-case apartment, his perpetual headphones, etc. He tends to come off as outright rude around others; in truth, human interaction alternatively scares and disturbs him, depending on what mood he's in. He makes an exception with Hex, if simply because the Navi's demeanor is so obviously artificial that it doesn't hit any of the usual triggers. He's fond of a couple certain chemical vices, which do generally alter his behaviour to make him a little easier to be around, but given his tendency to reserve this to his apartment (and his reluctance to leave), this is rarely witnessed.
PET Modifications:
Arch's PET is a battered old thing that he quite literally picked up off the street one day. The original casing has obviously been removed, replaced with a reinforced titanium body that's nonetheless dented in a few places. So far as Arch can tell, all of the original functions still work: full media capability, holographic interface both for access and manifesting a 3D image of Hex, etc, but the little device has a few unexplainable quirks and hiccups just like the contained Navi. There was no identification or name listed when Arch originally found it, and the only decoration is a series of binary code streams stenciled in black onto the back casing; he has no idea if it's actually Hex's original PET or just a bizarre coincidence, and tries not to think too hard about it.
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