Profile updates: Rogan and Lyntael

No changes to either of their formal profile posts, per se, but I've decided to keep a record of events concerning their central story in addendum posts in each of their respective profiles.

I'll post back here any time I make further story record updates for either of them.

As it stands, The initial "Story So Far" update for Rogan, to be appended to is registration profile, reads thus:

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The Story So Far:

Since he acquired Lyntael, Rogan has begun to take on more ambitious contracts, and one such recently brought him to the site of a small business in ACDC which, upon further investigations, turned out to be a shop front for a much larger organisation, or at the very least, one of its store fronts. This discovery piqued Rogan's curiosity to the matter, because where there are secrets being kept, there is usually money to be made. You can read about this excursion of his, Here (Real World), and also Here (Net)).

Armed with the certainty of being misled, Rogan conducted the meeting with his contact, one Varda Afonin, in a much more daring manner, and learned that there was, indeed, far more going on than he had been initially told. As much as it was made clear that he wasn't to pry further, it was just the sort of thing that Rogan has never been able to leave alone and he determined to dig deeper into the matter on his own. You can read about this negotiation, and meet Varda, Here (RW Only)).

It only took Rogan a small amount of research and digging to uncover a connection between the small business with the deep pockets, and SciLabs. With leads pointing to someone working off the books there, on projects of a surprisingly costly R&D nature, Rogan began to carefully plan how best to do some subtle searching and infiltrating into such a secure complex's systems, until a chance encounter offered him the perfect opportunity and cover story, to seek out exactly what he was looking for on the spot, while he had originally been there only to buy upgrades. Never one to turn down a dance with lady fortune, Rogan took the opportunity, and the pretty young lady, to a quiet coffee shop within the complex, and got busy. They met Here (RW), but quickly went Here (RW) so that they could be more private.

What he eventually found in his careful net diving was not only the proof of someone using SciLab's facilities with a masterfully constructed identity, but also, more importantly, information about what they were doing, and where in the complex it was being conducted. With this information in hand, Rogan now sets out to pay a more personal call to the lab in question, and see for himself just what he's waded into... and maybe to learn exactly why powerful people in Sharo are interested in it.

For Lyntael, the same deal. Her "Story so Far" initial post looks like this:

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The Story So Far:

Lyntael's earliest memories are very vague to her. Something like a half-recalled dream. This is perhaps unusual for a navi, but Lyntael herself is arguably an unusual navi. It would be incorrect to say that she was created, as she is, by Eric O'Conaill, but he is the one responsible for bringing her into being. Built from the ground up as a navi that would be considered highly sophisticated and forefront in the field of personable, realistic and genuinely sentient AIs, Eric then bestowed on her his personal masterpiece, Sunseed, causing her conscious awareness and sentience to bloom, grow and change at an accelerated rate, keying off every possible facet of her, her body, and her surroundings to assist in letting her become her own completely unique individual, beyond any degree of coding. Indeed, to examine her base code now would be borderline unintelligible; certainly it would be impossible to manually affect any aspect of her personality now, any more than you could edit the neural architecture of a living creature.

She remembers her early days, spent with Eric, and his two house-navis, Caminus and Servare, fondly, and often misses the time spent there, care free and delighted by the way every new experience was something fascinating. It has only been a few short months, in reality, since she came into Rogan's care, and thus the majority of her life, but to her those days feel like a long time ago.

You can see the first moments of Lyntael's life, Here.

Since becoming Rogan's navi, Lyntael has developed an all-eclipsing devotion to him; a strangeness that defies explanation in light of the fact that Rogan himself doesn't even see or treat Lyntael as a person at all, but rather an interactive tool. Nevertheless, she finds her care for him leading her to swallow any and all objections she might have towards his actions, his line of work, or the way he treats her personally, against doing anything and everything that she can to help him, or to do as he asks or needs. At times, this has led to her being forced into battle with viruses that she doesn't know how to fight, in order to carry out his instructions.

In particular she has discovered that her own body and instincts seem to have a couple of minor defence mechanisms which she is still trying to get under control. More worrisome, however, is that the simple act of expending her electrical energy seems to cause her body to over-compensate as it recharges, leading her to feel the need to expend her charge again, and again, with the regain being faster and more pressing each time, until she has a proper chance to rest. Along with this, is the difficult fact that, each exertion of her electrical energy seems to put an ever increasing strain on her, to the point that it begins to physically hurt. These two features of her body combined have served to make the concept of fighting viruses seriously an even more upsetting and daunting task for her than it was before she discovered this.

As much as Rogan doesn't sleep for long stretches, Lyntael has recently taken it into her mind that she can be of more help to him if she can do something to earn upkeep for herself when he doesn't have need of her. As far as the girl is concerned, this means when he is sleeping, since he might need her for something at any other time. As of yet, however, one instance of getting lost and being chased, and another highly embarrassing series of events, have not really led to her feeling very successful on this score. If you really want, you can see what happened those times, Here, and Here.

While working for Rogan on any of his clandestine operations, Lyntael has, most of the time, found herself simply having to flee any hostile virus activity due in part to her own lack of battle prowess, and also her need to keep up with whatever Rogan himself needs her to be doing. On a recent trip to Scilab, however, She found herself the subject of brief attention when she helped rogan meet a pretty young woman, and they decided to send her into the SciLab net with the other lady's navi. As embarrassing as it was to have her lack of fighting ability drawn attention to, Lyntael herself was still at least a little bit excited by the prospect, if mostly for the chance to meet and talk with another navi; something she'd had precious little chance to do of her own free will since coming to Rogan.

It was only then that she realised Rogan intended to use her, her new friend, and her operator as well, all as cover for more work, and that he expected her to both help and be complicit in it as well. It was with her spirits thus dampened that she took to the net with the other far more competent navi, and worked to cover Rogan's independent net dive. Along the way her growing complex about being touched only deepened further, as she discovered the limits of her body and what she could, and couldn't handle. You can read that little adventure Here.
Not sure why I didn't realise this before, but, with Lyntael's recent signature upgrades, it's allowed me to formalise her overcharge system properly, and I really ought to put that information into her profile sheet.

So, the main profile sheet for her looks like this currently:

Name: Lyntael.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Electric
Subtype: Wind

Physical Appearance:

Lyntael is the Navi residing in Rogan's PET. Her name is in the Latin mode, and thus pronounced 'Lin-Tile'. Originally programmed by Rogan's brother, she resembles a young girl with a physical appearance of maybe sixteen at most, though she is slightly built even for that, making her apparent visual age drift a bit lower. Barely five feet tall, her hair is short and rough-cut, a light flaxen blonde above skin that is pale enough to blend with the tone well. Her eyes are a bright emerald green, just like Rogan's, and are wont to dance and sparkle merrily when she is happy.

Stuck forever on the border of burgeoning puberty, without ever tipping over into full adult-hood, Lyntael retains a slightly boyish figure that is athletic and toned. She wears a light vest that is a pastel yellow with comfortably broad shoulder straps and which ends high, just below where her breasts, if she had any notable endowment to speak of, would be. Sadly, as far as Lyntael is concerned, her chest is underwhelming, a light early-pubescent swell that is enough to notice, but not enough to require any more restraint that the vest itself provides. The open front of the vest is secured by a series of three leather button ties, evenly spaces across where her breasts would otherwise risk expose. One visible irony is that the ties and catches are graded, as though to allow for more support and room as she grows and fills out, despite the fact that she never will, and they will always remain at their tightest.

The high cut of her vest reveals her entire midriff, exposing a small stud piercing on her belly button, in a bright-smiling sunburst icon. Beneath that she wears a short skirt, pleated like a school-girl and in a deeper yellow colour that her top. It comes only down as far as her mid thighs, but in most cases seems to maintain something of an almost gravity-defying determination to protect her modesty. On the occasions when it fails in this task, she can be seen to be wearing a virtually transparent pair of predominantly lace underwear that seems to do less of a job covering her than the valiant efforts of her skirt. When Rogan questioned his brother harshly about this, and the general appearance of the Navi, his brother merely shrugged and justified that he wanted some eye-candy while he worked.

Lastly, when Lyntael was given to him, she was wearing a pair of simple but sensible trainers, however, upon discovering that her PET had been given into the care of another, she promptly, and rather gleefully, cast them off, socks and all, and they haven't been seen since.

Lyntael's emblem is a small visible disc that sits only very slightly raised from her skin, about where one would expect a necklace or pendant to rest if it were worn. It's symbol is a yellow sunburst, overlayed with a white lightning bolt, vertically.

General Personality:

Lyntael was not really conceived of, and doesn't think of herself as, a combat-oriented Navi. She's friendly and always eager to meet, greet and make friends with new people, and while she is competitive and likes to push herself to be the best she can, she's also not fond of conflict and direct fighting. She has a very pronounced sensation of what she feels is right and wrong, and a strong will to stay true to that. As a result she has often, recently, been left nervous and uncomfortable by some of the work Rogan himself has done, and now utilises her, and her PET for. Regardless of this, she bears an overpoweringly loyal devotion to Rogan, and whether she came with that, or has simply grown enamoured with him in the time they've been together is hard to say. The result is that she is usually willing to put herself out and be pulled well out of her comfort zone for his sake, and to do as he tells her, even when doing so upsets her or makes her feel uncomfortable.

Like most young girls, when she is upset or sad, Lyntael's personal body language becomes more hesitant and closed, and she tends to stop making proper eye-contact with anyone. Her hair, usually springy, also becomes more languid, the rough edges lying down and hanging over her forehead.

There is very little that makes her genuinely angry; her disposition is of the kind to remain sunny in most cases and to look every to the brightest possible interpretation of any situation, however, repeated difficulty with a task she feels she ought to be able to complete or succeed at can lead her to grow increasingly frustrated with it. This is most notably visible when she becomes caught between her own ethics and Rogan's requirements of her: begin given a task that she is uncomfortable with, and doesn't wish to do, but still feels compelled to do her best at, for Rogan, will quickly drive her to frustrated anger if she struggles with it.

Weapon Customisation:

Perhaps as a result of not being programmed with combat foremost in mind, Lyntael has no visible buster. When she thinks about it, though, she feels a slight charged tingling around her wrists and hands, as well as about her ankles and feet. If she charges this sensation more, static and lightning will begin to crackle about the striking points of her hands and feet. The truth is that this is, in fact, her buster and how it works; its discharge can be made in totality through any of the four contact points, but it has no range whatsoever and can only be effectively used in melee strikes. Another difficulty with this is the manner in which her matrix charges her buster; if any of her four limbs are rendered non-functional or otherwise locked out of her control, this hampers her ability to charge up her buster almost completely, as all four points are required by her matrix to charge safely.

(OOC, her buster functions exactly like a regular buster, with the differences just rp-cosmetic, except that it is restricted to melee-only range, and, in rp cases, if for any reason any of her arms and or legs are out of action, her buster is restricted to simple shots, with no charging safely possible, excepting cases of sheer desperation, which can override this safety lockout, and which may well lead to disastrous results for her)


Not counting herself much of a fighter as yet, Lyntael hasn't really developed much in the way of what you would call a signature style, however, in her first experiences with direct conflict, her own strong emotions have manifested themselves in a few notable ways. As she is the sort to always do her best to make the most of difficult times, Lyntael means to focus her attention on these natural reactions, with the hope of gaining better control over them, and improving their effectiveness.

My Pain is Real: Trigger Counter(Receiving Melee Damage): 20 Elec, Nova2 (cost: 40, CD 1)

The first has occurred when she is struck, the pain of the blow causing a reaction from her body, discharging a jolt of electrical current in a small nova around her. The discharge is only small and her form regains its natural ready charge quite quickly.

My Heart Falters: 20 Hp barrier (cost 20, CD 1)

The other notable effect has occurred in the past when her uncertainty and fear turn to a desperate hope for preservation. The light current that suffuses her body manifests in a static-laden field about her, persistent enough to ward off a small amount of damage.

My intention is to replace the 'signature' section of the profile with the more up-to-date version:

Quote (New Signature Section)

Quote ('My Pain is Real')

Trigger - Counter(Receiving Melee Damage): 40 Elec, Nova2, Self-Slow1 (Cost: 80 before nerfing, final cost: 40, CD 2)
Rp Overcharge Effect: Expend, +1 On Trigger

Description: Despite gradually growing more accustomed to the reactive shockwave that often results from her body being struck, the recoil itself still takes a good deal out of Lyntael. The more it has happened, the stronger the resulting discharge of electrical energy has become.

Quote ('My Heart Falters')

40Elec Barrier, Buster Charge, Off-Target. (Cost: 80, Nerf as Cooldown → 1TCD)
Rp Overcharge Effect: Cool Off, -1 on Activation

Description: The defensive mechanism that triggers when Lyntael finds herself in sudden danger or is fearfully shocked, she has had more experience with this effect than any other, and has, on occasion, been able to trigger the ability deliberately, through her own concentration. The reverberation of her barrier forming, extending out from her core as it does, over her body to meet up with and draw power from the strikers at her wrists and ankles, does cause a mildly disorienting effect for the girl, but it is fleeting, and the skill itself does prove to be a stable way of using her inner charge without exciting it to faster build-up. Not entirely perfect, while it does help to cool the build of her natural charge, the manner in which it draws power from her strike points does cause a lesser reaction of energy build-up in them, instead.

Quote ('My Anger Directed')

90Elec, Shot-type, Charge-Burner 1 (Cost: 90 before nerfing, final cost: 60, 3TCD)
Rp Overcharge Effect: Expend, +2 On Activation

Description: Very, very occasionally, Lyntael finds herself getting genuinely angry; at her situation, at things hurting her, at the unfairness of her particular fate, and the sundry other factors of her life that simply aren't what they ought to be. On the rare occasion that she is just so furious, and has a target to direct that frustration at, she can deliberately channel a full expenditure of her body's electrical energy at it in a fiercely arcing bolt of lightning. It only occurs when she already has a fair amount of excess charge built up in her small frame, and thus the expenditure of it drains her notably, completely depleting her reserves and stressing her body to rebuild its charge more fiercely than any other ability she has.

Quote ('A Manifest Spirit')

Passive: 10Elec, Nova2, (Base Cost: 20, Passive Cost: 80)
Rp Overcharge Effect: Cool Off, -1 Each turn that it is in effect.

Description: Under most circumstances, it's probably a bad idea to even touch Lyntael with exposed skin; her natural charge runs through her whole body, and unless she concentrates on suppressing it, and is calm at the time, anyone so much as touching her is liable to receive a shock. When she is feeling particularly not-calm, emotional or otherwise worked up, the effect becomes more pronounced, and in dangerous situations, it reaches the point of a continuous cascade of electrical energy that rolls off her body in a small area about her. Lyntael herself is very self-conscious about this particular effect, and through frequent desire to do so, can generally suppress the most harmful effects of this, beyond the ever-present dangers of direct contact, at least, fairly reliably. If she begins to overcharge, this is usually one of the first things the girl will lose control of, not least because the effect itself is both a defence mechanism, and also one of her body's means of regulating her excess charge.
Total Points Used: 260/260

As well as this, I wish to add a section describing her Overcharge Effect system, bearing note that it is a purely RP Cosmetic system which I'll be imposing upon and regulating myself, which determines what sorts of actions I can and cannot allow her to take, as her player, and the way in which she is played. It will read thus:

Lyntael's Overcharge

The more she has been forced into battle, the more Lyntael has learned about how her body responds to it. In particular, the way in which her electrical energy cycles leads to a peculiar issue that continues to hamper her effectiveness in battle. The more heavily she expends her natural charge, the more fiercely it rebuilds within her, soon outstripping her normal comfort zones, and this in turn can be relieved temporarily by further expending of her charge; this is a dangerously concentric circle, of course. If it grows too much for her, Lyntael will progressively lose cohesive ability to function normally in battle. As she grows stronger, and more accustomed to the effect, her limits will increase.

((This is a cosmetic effect, for Role-Play purposes. While it will determine what sorts of things Lyntael can and cannot do, and the manner in which she attempts them, it has no actual effect on her ability or statistics, in hard mechanical terms. That said, I intend to play it honestly and true, so, if it reaches a point of hampering her ability or capacity to function, expect that I will accept and impose that penalty on myself when taking action... and penalty it is: there is no 'positive' side to this effect, for Lyntael. Her limit is treated as her level number, and various signatures will cause differing amounts of charge build, or cool down, as well as her buster usage also causing build up.))
Everything's fine, approved.