Rei Retcon

Name: Adrian Nancy

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Adrian is a moderately built specimen at 5'9 with lightly tanned skin and lightly toned body. Adrian's face is detailed by Dark brown eyes and crimson hair down to her shoulders, a pony tail at the back and short bangs in front. She often wears a black billed beret on her head and pulled down tight, with a pair of bulky blue and black head phones around her neck or atop her hat. Adrian's upper body is clothed with a white button-up polyester shirt done up all the way, and a brown suede jacket which hangs open at all times. Her lower half sports a pair of beige loose fitting cargo pants, held up with a simple black belt adorned with a silver buckle. Her shoes are fairly simple, standard sneakers with no logo's or designs, just black with white laces.

One thing no one sees with Adrian's general appearance is her chest, as she keeps her perky B cups bound down under her shirt with a wrap. Growing up she was never fond of bras and always felt her chest was more of a nuisance, so she began binding it as an alternative.

Personality: Adrian is usually a calm and collected person, fairly active and loves to have fun anyway she can. She was raised and always thought of herself as "one of the guys" and as such she dresses and acts the part to the point many believed she was male; binding herself just adds to the image. Adrian tries to keep herself easy to approach, though at time it leads to her being approached in the wrong way by both genders leading to awkward situations.

PET Modifications: Black and white skin on PET in a design similar to a spiders web. A clip on the back of the PET makes it easy for Adrian to hook it onto her belt, and has a headphone jack so she can listen to music or hear Sylk whenever she wishes.

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