Sylk Changes

Changing element (to what it was originally supposed to be :'D) and colors to match.

Name: Sylk.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Type: Shadow
Appearance: Sylk's most basic outlook is a cross between a female humanoid and a spider, about 5'10 in height and about 150 lb (due to extra appendages). The female navi was created with a total of 6 arms, with claw-like hands; the lower 4 of which consist of only two fingers and a thumb. Her legs down to her ankles are also humanoid, but the actual foot takes on a more animal-like shape, raised up on an angle and usually balancing only on the toes and very front of the foot; two large claw-like toes, and another claw protruding from beneath the angled portion of the foot for added balance/grip. Each of Sylk's claws are blackened in color.

Like that of a spider, Sylk has a total of eight deep crimson eyes, however, two are normal and humanoid where the other six are smaller and more spider like; above the normal eye's and usually kept closed and hidden beneath her hair. Sylk's hair is a light blue in color, highlighted with white streaks throughout it; Styled to hang down over her eyes with the tips just ending below her main set. The back of her hair is a length just past her shoulders when let down, but the hair is usually pulled up into a messy knot that spikes out. Sylk's teeth are very fang-like and meant for tearing things, in addition to two longer/sharper than normal incisors; at least one if not both are usually seen overlapping her lower lip.

Sylk's emblem is that of a Spiders web, which is located just below her breasts upon her shirt; a measurement of C 36.

Sylk's whole body is covered in a very fine and short layer of hair, which is hardly noticeable aside from the color patterns and touch. Almost entirely grey, the hair at sylk's joints are a ring of gold, as if it was outlining her body parts. This includes: collar bone, shoulder, elbow, wrist, each knuckle on the fingers, thigh, knee, angle, joints at beginning/mid toe, and above/sides of breasts. Beneath the fur, her navi body is grey as well, adding to the inability to tell easily.

Sylk's upper body is dressed in a low cut, backless yet form fitting shirt. The over all look is simple, but the lack of sleeves allows free movement of all her arms. The shirt itself is dark grey, and is adorned with orange and yellow tiger-like stripes. The strips work from back to front and are in the following locations: yellow stripe on either side above her chest curving down, orange stripe on either side at her chest curving up, an orange stripe on either side curving down just below her chest, and a pair of orange and yellow stripes attached and curving down at her abs.

Her lower half is dressed in a three layered swallow-tail skirt; a pair of short shorts underneath them in case it's blown upward. The skirt is a dark grey with a single paired yellow/orange stripe coming upward and curving in located above her right leg. The shorts are a shade in between the skirt and sylks own.

Personality: Sylk is a very manipulative and tricky navi, almost always treating most others as "prey" and toying with them. When around others she usually acts upbeat and cheerful, or in some cases seductive, but majority of the time it's just an act. Part of this is because of base spider instinct, whilst the other part is her affinity for the blood/data of other programs/virii/navi. To her navi always taste the best, each with their own flavor based on their elements. normals being a bit too boring in flavor, fire types being spicy, wood navi's being somewhat sweet like a fruit, aqua navi's having a bit of a seafood taste, and elec navi's being a little more bitter to her pallet. In addition to this, it's the female gender which has the best taste, which often leads to sylk coming off as having a liking of the same sex; despite having no real preference. Of course during more recent events Sylk has come across the notion that many men are disgusting pigs, or just plain idiots, and perhaps swayed her preference towards female company.

Just like her acts when she is with other navi/programs, in battle Sylk loves to toy with her prey or make them squirm before utterly demolishing them; often having a taste of one or two before the battle is done. She also has no problems fleeing a losing battle; however at the very least she would deal some damage (and possibly a taste) and return the favor on another day. While having a general love for close combat fighting, and using multiple melee chips at once with her limbs, she usually implies a unique strategy based on having multiple chips in use at once on each limb, and fighting as the situation demands. In more recent times however, Sylk has deemed many viruses to not be worth her time and finding an increased boredom in dealing with them. Due to that she has spent less time messing with them, and more time just out right demolishing them. However when the mood strikes her or a strong enough enemy were to appear...

With Rei's mind focused mostly on curseman and what happened how ever, this leaves Sylk feeling somewhat neglected. As such she tends to go out of her way to piss him off, gain attention from others, or just unload her emotions in many forms. This has eventually led to Sylk being the more dominant of the two, now making demands which her operator will usually give into and agree with. She very much loves to be in control, and when things don't go as she designed them to she tends to get a bit angered and makes any attempt to rectify it. Especially when that problem is inferior in her eyes.

Custom Weapon: Sylk generally attacks using metallic spider threads, or electrically generated threads/webs.