New Anyis and Magna GMOs

Old GMOs went poof by virtue (and context) of the subplot, so I've got a bunch of blank slots, and am thus filling a few of them back up.

Quote (Anyis's GMOs)

Swimsuit.GMO (Level 0 GMO)
While ice, flaming or otherwise, is her normal calling card, Anyis still is an Aqua Navi and as such needs something to swim in. Having already redesigned pretty much everything else of hers since the transformation, Mill was pretty weary of the whole thing by the time he got to GMOs, and as such took the lazy route on this. He stripped off her robe, sash, and boots, then trimmed the legs off the bodysuit until it was a one-piece swimsuit. Displeased by this lack of effort, Anyis took some of Mill's "private" files hostage until he buckled and did this properly. She wasn't really opposed to using her bodysuit as a base, since Anyis wouldn't be wearing the thing in the first place if she didn't like it, obviously. So, with that in mind, Mill took a similar approach to the midnight blue bodysuit, just with some additional trimmings and an addition here or there. The legs of the bodysuit are still gone, as is mostly everything else from her hips up to below her shoulder blades and chest, meaning that this is now a two-piece. Some of the chest is also cut out, leaving the collarbone exposed and the shoulder straps to wrap around the back of Anyis's neck. With her sash gone, Anyis had to find someplace for her emblem, and a flash of brilliance presented her with the idea to use it as a hairpin. As such, Anyis keeps her hair in a loose ponytail in this GMO, with the emblem serving to hold it all together on the back of her head. She retains her gold, sapphire-inset bracelet, and strung to it is a small amount of waterproof fabric, colored the same as her own cold fire and only long enough to reach back to her elbow if fully stretched.

==Custom Weapon: Cryos Cloth==
The fabric affixed to Anyis's bracelet is actually the compressed existence of Cryos, reduced to this state due to... problems with water. Anyis is able to safely produce small amounts of cold fire by igniting the cloth, even underwater, but that and the ability to conjure her right gauntlet are the limits of her options like this. If she tried to summon Cryos in his entirety underwater... Well, that's a more complicated matter than most physicists care to touch on.

AttackMerge.GMO (Level 5 GMO)
One interesting consequence of Anyis storing all her armor aboard Cryos is that it's not really set in stone what Anyis will get when she equips it herself. She can control the design of the armor if she wants, but Anyis didn't really have any ideas on how to imagine anything but the gauntlets she had for so long. As a result, Mill set aside a GMO to properly define an armor set for Anyis, and when asked what function she wanted out of it, she answered "Offense!" naturally. Thus was the Attack Merge born, a full equip for Anyis that optimizes her ability to pummel the crap out of things.

While Cryos's armor is white, Anyis's armor still favors the silver tint she's used to. Of course, this set features the oversized gauntlets that Anyis loves, but rather than the old model that only covered half of her forearm, the Attack Merge gauntlets are full-arm pieces that go all the way from fingertip to shoulder. The identical arms are very well-segmented to give Anyis as much flexibility as possible, to the point that the defensive ability of the armor is sacrificed a little all in the name of attack power. A rounded crystal of ice is inset into each shoulder and the back of each palm, and an indented line is carved into the side of each arm to serve as a channel for the cold fire that emits from the crystals. Anyis does have a light chestpiece in the Attack Merge, though mostly just for the sake of keeping her arm equips secured instead of any real defense. It stops short of her midriff, effectively just covering her breasts, and has its collar cut out just slightly, but of most note is the cluster of ice crystals set into the back of the chestpiece. They're all pointed at a slight downward angle, inset into a slot that forces them that way, and yes, those ice crystals are entirely for the purpose of cold fire propulsion to allow Anyis to rocket herself into an enemy.

The Attack Merge grants Anyis no waist armor whatsoever, but she does have a pair of greaves strapped to her shins that offer quite a bit of incentive for Anyis to kick an enemy. It's hard to tell from a distance, but the silver greaves are thoroughly encrusted with tiny crystals of ice that Anyis can ignite at will. The cold fire on the greaves is overall weaker than her gauntlets, but Anyis can maintain it almost constantly and pepper her enemies with frostbite-inducing kicks. The greaves do have protective flaps of armor on the ends to cover the top of her boots, though they only serve to protect the tops of Anyis's boots from loose embers. Her long hair is similarly endangered when left alone since the ends can sometimes touch the ice cluster on the back of the chestpiece, so Anyis got herself a hairpin to lift up a large clump of her purple locks up closer to her head. The strands close between her face and ears are left alone, since they just sit over her collarbones and don't really interfere with any of the ice crystals in the armor.

==Custom Weapon: Attack Merge==
Well of course the whole thing is the weapon, since it has ATTACK in the name. Everything about this armor configuration is geared towards dealing damage, be it through punches, kicks, cold fire, or the best of all those worlds. Cryos is completely fused into the armor, thus he can't be summoned in any capacity, but given that Anyis has decades of melee combat under her belt already, she'll probably manage just fine.

Quote (Magna's GMO)

DrillPack.GMO (Level 0 GMO)
Being quick to discover after Magna's changes that the golem's old, part-swapping GMOs were entirely incompatible with his new body, Mill just kind of glossed over the issue since he was already pulling his hair out over adapting all of Anyis's stuff. That bit of laziness on Mill's part turned out to be nothing short of brilliant as the hastily constructed Drill Pack managed to succeed the functions of Magna's old Drill, Plow, and Buoy forms all in one go. Just by initial appearances the whole thing is very underwhelming, as all Magna got was a large rectangular box attached to his back. The purple and metallic container can unfold to reveal a large drill that Magna can pull up over his shoulders and in front of himself, and that does all well and fine for digging. However, Magna's still a big, big golem, and as-is he can't actually fit in the tunnels he digs. Thankfully, that problem fixed itself.

Having found himself more... flexible since the upgrade, Magna discovered that with the Drill Pack, he can actually transform. Magna's shoulders stretch outwards and down slightly, and his legs fold back over his body before catching the shoulder extensions between his shin guards and his folded back feet. This whole thing would look entirely stupid as is, but thankfully the Drill Pack's container shell is big enough to fold over it all and cover Magna in protective plating. The drill mounts over his head, actually attaching to his piston feet to allow for some crushing action if there's a particularly annoying whatever in the way. Propulsion all comes through the tucked-in arms of the transformed Magna, as the vents of his arm bracers are pointed downward to produce a lifting thrust, while his heavy cannons are open through his hands and pointed backwards to provide forward momentum. All said, the design is very compact with the vast majority being able to hide behind the large drill, allowing Magna to actually traverse the tunnels he digs. It's also a very sturdy and well-armored design, as when you step back and look at the whole thing, Magna managed to transform himself into a drill hover-tank. That is kind of awesome.

==Custom Weapon: Drill Golem==
Magna turned into a drill hover-tank, and thus has a giant drill. The giant drill hurts things if needed. His regular weaponry still functions when in his normal golem form, and additionally he can equip the drill without transforming when that kind of power is needed.