Subplot SP Re-Registrations

Fhyre.SP becomes Oasis.SP and she's changed to Aqua/Guts. Szand.SP remains the same, but is changed to Null/Bug. Both of the SPs get a permanent appearance change. GMOs for the both of them will be reset and nullified. Reasoning for Szand's change: To cleanse Oasis' original body from impurities, he took them in his own core programming. As the 'smartest' of the 3, he can handle it better.

Name: Oasis.SP
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Oasis is a small girl of 3 and a half feet with a tanned skin color and has a childish and slim body. Her hair is light blue and is styled in two long ponytails on each side of her head. Each ponytail reaches down to approximately her knees and is held together at its base with a golden ring. Near the end of each ponytail is another golden ring which keeps the hair together. From these rings Oasis can form large hands made of water and control her ponytails as if they're arms.
Covering Oasis' eyes are white bandages that are tied together at the back, hidden beneath her hair. Her nose and mouth are uncovered. Covering her chest and lower arms are more bandages. The bandages at her arms have some loose ends which hang downwards along her legs and are tied at the top in a small ribbon. Embedded in the back of each hand, not covered by bandages, is an oval shaped blue gemstone. On Oasis' back, almost covering the entire length of her back, is a golden turtle shell with a honeycomb pattern all over it. In the center of the shell is a circular blue gemstone. This shell cannot be removed from Oasis' back as it keeps her bandages tightly so they won't fall.
She also wears a pair of Arabian styled pants in light blue, a bit wide around the legs, which is kept up with belt made of the same material as her bandages. On her feet she wears a pair of Arabian styled shoes that are curved upwards at the toes. These are white in color. Around her left ankle she wears a golden ring.
Personality: Oasis is a childish and carefree person with a limited vocabulary. From every angle she'll look immature and essentially a child. She is very helpful to others and will be quick to offer a hand or four. Alongside with this she is no stranger to jumping into the thick of the fight, even if this means sacrificing herself for the purpose of saving others. While this is not expected to happen often, if it happens she will get a streak of demanding praise and being spoiled by Djinni.
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Guts

Name: Szand.SP
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Szand is a short boy of about 4 feet tall with a tanned skin color and a slim, but well built, body. Szand has 3 eyes in total, positioned in a triangle on his face with 2 in their regular positions and 1 on his forehead. Each eye has a pitch black cornea and yellow iris. His hair is light yellow and is styled in a long braided ponytail, reaching to about his hips, and is styled flat on the top of his head. Attached to the end of his ponytail he has a golden orb with a scorpion-like stinger. Instead of teeth, Szand has sharp fangs lined up
Embedded in Szand's skin, at the right side of his face, right side of his chest, right side of his back and complete right arm including hand, are little chunks of gold with no specific pattern but evenly covering the previously named parts. Through these he can create sand even if it's not in the field.
Szand wears nothing to cover his chest. He wears a pair of Arabian styled pants in white, a bit wide around the legs, which is kept up with a thick brown belt. Attached to the belt is a leather flap, colored white, which comes to halfway the lower legs and covers the left, right and back. The front is completely open. He wears a pair of Arabian styled shoes that are curved upwards at the end. Around his right ankle he wears a golden ring, hanging onto his shoe.
Personality: Szand is generally an aloof person who has a most venomous attitude towards Djinni, but is fine with anyone who isn't her. But even with this, he won't really give a damn about someone. While Oasis portrays the defensive side of Djinni core programming, Szand is the offensive side and will often want to run into the heat of the fight without a thought about his own safety. While this is an obvious trait Djinni would have, Szand refuses to acknowledge he belongs to her.
Element: Null.
Subtype: Bug.