Name: Spikey.SP (normally referred to as Spikey.SP)
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Speed

Appearance: Spikey stands approximately 30 inches tall, but otherwise has all the attributes and proportions of a regular Spikey virus; a quadrupedal, canine-like creature with spiky fur. Unlike any known version of Spikey, said fur is purple in color, while its belly fur and side markings remain cream colored and red respectively, like a basic Spikey. The spikes on its fur are mostly horizontal and relaxed as opposed to more diagonal and erect, making it more clear that it has a basic design, and not based on the EX version.

Personality: As one might expect of a canine based SP, Spikey tends act very...dog like. It's very protective of its master, even though said master is also responsible for the death of its mother. One universal habit is sniffing at anything that it doesn't recognize; whether it actually remembers the smell is completely unknown, however.

Background: During a mission, SharpMan encountered and deleted an enormous Spikey. Amongst its remains, however, was an unusual egg. After having the egg analyzed, it was revealed that it was actually a special kind of SP base program, which the Navi elected to use instead of a normal version. Unfortunately, neither Navi nor operator was known for their artistic creativity, so they settled for heavily borrowing from a virus to complete the SP.