Cambiare.EXE Changes

Adding a new form, Grazioso:

Quote (Grazioso)

The grey on Cambiare's suit changes to dark blue while his black stripes turn yellow. The stripe designs on his body become segmented and thinner than usual and the crystal on his forehead turns sapphire blue. The biggest change that takes place in this form is the transformation of his bracelets and anklets, designed to improve the navi's speed and mobility. The bracelets stretch along Cambiare's forearms and become adorned with several rectangular ports all pointing in different directions. Each port serves as a thruster and an energy exhaust used for both mobility and combat. The anklets transform into large boots that stretch up the navi's knee, having a darker shade of blue with the segmented stripes running down the center. The boots have the same rectangular ports placed at the back and the sole and create large blue energy wheels for speedy situations.
... aren't these basically .GMOs?
In a way, yes.