Joseph Akers and Sparks.exe

The Back Story!
Born and raised in Yoka. He lived with his mother and father. His father had him taking kendo classes at the age of five. His parents believed that every man should be able to defend themselves and the people closest to him. They also pushed respect and the appreciation of wild life and nature. At the age of twelve his father had been customizing a pet for his son. It was a samurai navi so joseph and Sparks.exe immediately had a great relationship. Joseph spent much more time with his father then his mother. She watched behind the scenes as Joseph grew and matured. He was an average student his first three years of high school, and always falling short in his local kendo tournaments. His father pushed him to be the best in everything he did but Joseph just never pushed himself that hard. Every day after kendo practice was over Mr. Akers immediately went into teaching his son about virus busting and his navi Sensei.exe(also a samurai navi) trained Sparks.exe in the art of swords and to respect his operator. It was like that every day up until Joseph's 18 birthday right before his senior year. Mr. Akers threw a huge party for his son, it was a grand celebration, they spent the whole week together no kendo practice, no virus busting practice. Until the first day of Joseph's senior year he couldn't be happier then he awoke to an E-mail that read:
"Dear Son I have enjoyed these years with you. You're a great kid, I couldn't be happier with the way you've grown. Just remember to be the best in everything you can. Make your mother proud go to college and get a good job, raise a family. I will return one day, who knows when I've went to chase what some would call a myth, a huge beast like virus that is rumored to sleep deep in the net. I am on my journey to delete this virus and bring a legacy to this family. We all have our journey in life, we all have our fight this is mine. Make your own path, don't follow in my footsteps. I'm praying for you everyday son. You'll make a great husband to a lucky woman, and a great father to some lucky child. Stay on the right path. I love you son, please tell your mother that I love her, and she is the only thing that keeps me breathing. Tell him im sorry that I walked out... but also tell her that I will return. I know shell understand. Again I love you son, you and Sparks.exe will make a great team.
-Your Dad-"
Joseph was torn inside. His best friend, teacher, and father just walked out to chase after some rumor. He cried and didn't go to school that day. That night he made a pact with Sparks.exe "Sparks, were gonna be the best we can be in anything we do, both of us. This year will be different than any other." He applied himself harder than ever in his own kendo practices then won the local, and regional swordsmanship championships for his age group. Not just in swords, he applied himself in school also and quickly climbed to the top of his class, and graduated there. When it came time for him to go to college he back out, went to his mother and told her that he wasn't going, but was gonna search for her husband, his father instead. He promised that he'd be the best that he could in everything he did, hugged her, kissed her cheek, looked one last time into her crying eyes, then turned and walked out. He's 18 and has a permanent residency at the Yoka Inn. This is the beginning to his journey, just as his dad said everybody has one.
Joseph clothing: A tight dark green t-shirt with his navi's crest printed on on the right chest area of the shirt. Black belt keeps his faded dark blue jeans from sagging much. The jeans are slightly baggy but fitted at the same time with bottoms cuffed slightly resting on the tongues of his all white fresh sneakers.

Joseph's personality: Very respectful, and in tune with nature. He challenges himself often. Can be very cocky at times, he loves to show off. His nature is usually a mix of energetic and laid back. He is easily frustrated. He is very protective of his friends and the people closest to him. Slightly perverted and very determined to be the best he can be at everything he does.

Sparks.exe personality: He is very similar to his operator. He is very respectful to everybody, but won't hesitate to attack when necessary. The navi loves conflict and battle. He is filled with honor, and hate to retreat. He can't stand cheaters or people who take the easy way out. In the heat of battle he can be very focused. His nature is very calm and laid back, with a dull sense of humor. Just like Joseph he is determined to be the best he can be at everything he does.

Sparks.exe appearance:
Appears to be age 25
Height/Weight without armor: 6'1 166 lbs
Height/Weight with armor: 6'5 333 lbs
Hair style: Long slightly wavy/spiky blond hair to his mid back with a few bangs.
Eye color: Greenish-yellow
Body type: slender athletic body type with defined muscles. Tan skin.
Under the armor is a dark green navisuit with long, thin, single thunderbolt running down each of his sides from his shoulders down to his feet. His navi crest which is a dark green circle with crossing thunderbolts in the middle protrudes slightly from his right chest. Very heavy plated dark green with yellow trim samurai armor rest on top of the navisuit. The armor is bulky to give the appearance of him being slow but that's not the case at all. A large spiky dark green kabuto lay atop his head with two long yellow thunderbolt like horns protruding upward from the top. A yellow facemask completes the kabuto nicely. His navi crest protrudes slightly from the center of the large breastplate. A dark green katana handle rest at his left side, every swing of the handle releases a bladelike burst of electric energy(usually the form of a katana). A long yellow on the outside, dark green on the inside flowing shoulder width cape flows from his shoulders down to his plated feet. His navi crest is printed on the back/center of the cape for everyone to see.
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