Phero's Swimsuit.GMO

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Phero's ordinary armor, gloves, and boots are swapped out for a simple bikini, white and just scarce enough to be considered flirtatious. The top is secured by fashionable straps running from the center of the chest around the neck and tying at the nape. The bottom is secured by two side-ties. Each of the ties is garnished by light-pink colored, cutesie ribbons. Her hair is pulled away from her forehead as usual, but the back hanging segment is also pulled into a very small tail, which bobs at the back of her head. A white flower is pinned in her hair at the right side, just above the bangs. Because of the clashing aesthetic, her head-gear is not kept, but the visor/gas-mask can still be summoned for safety reasons. Her ordinary perfume plungers are swapped out for two pink bottles of spray-on, scented Heart-Payne brand sunblock: smart, environmentally friendly, and full of glitches!