Name: Selene.SP

Gender: Female

Appearance: Selene currently resembles the moon in miniature. She is a white orb, three feet in diameter and marked by craters, that continuously hovers about six feet off of the ground. A soft silvery aura surrounds her at all times. The aura grows brighter when she speaks or attacks and dimmer when she is injured. Selene attacks by firing arrows of moonlight at her opponents.

Personality: Selene was designed to aid Wolfman with the principle concern of regulating his transformations. She also collects and stores data on Wolfman's viral infection to be analyzed by Victor. As such, Selene is soft spoken and kind. Despite being a floating, glowing rock, Selene has a motherly nature about her and desires to aid others whenever possible. She doesn't like fighting and Wolfman's bestial rages scare her; however, she is determined to help Victor find a cure for the Navi's affliction.

Element: Aqua

Subtype: Recover

((I am aware that her floating is currently just fluff. She is still subject to all terrain effects and ground attacks...For now at least. Are SP GMOs free when the SP hits the 5th lvl or is a mission required?))
SP GMOs are free upon meeting the level requirements. Also, approved.
Current Total Bugrags: 176

Purchasing Speed+ V1 (-100 Bugfrags)

New Total Bugrags: 76

Selene Lvl: 0 -> 5

- New GMO -


In this form, Selene gains a humanoid appearance. She is petite, standing at only five feet and quite thin. She has small breasts and a toned, lithe body like that of a dancer. She has porcelain skin as white as milk and long, raven black hair that falls straight to her waist. She wears a plain white dress that hangs past her feet and billows around her legs. As in her normal form, Selene floats through the air a few feet off the ground.