VenusMan Edits

Editing his appearance partially, his custom weapon and the description of his first Signature Attack.

Appearance: VenusMan is a tall male Navi, standing at 6 feet with a well-toned, muscular body, of a white skin color. He wears a black bodysuit; in the middle of the bodysuit is a thick horizontal line of light green, which goes around his entire body and is separated from the black on both sides by jagged edges like teeth. These jagged edges are depicted by a bright red line. The bodysuit comes up to the back of his head, under his hair, and ends beneath the chin, leaving his face entirely uncovered.
On each of VenusMan's 'ears' is a black audio receiver with his emblem printed on it. His emblem is a red heart with vines entangling it.
VenusMan's hair is dark green and is not styled and very messy, although it looks well maintained in quality. It reaches down to the bottom of his neck and falls in such a way as to partially cover his eyes. His eyes, however, are covered by a pair of sunglasses with black rims and bright red glasses. His eyes are entirely black with no iris or pupil in either. VenusMan's teeth are jagged and razor sharp, but with a normal white color.
Over his bodysuit he wears a sleeveless dark green flak jacket with a high collar. Where a zipper would be on both sides to close the jacket are dark green inward spikes that resemble a venus fly trap's teeth. The inside of the jacket is bright red.
Attached to the flak jacket, at Venusman's shoulders, he wears a set of large round pauldrons. Each pauldron is bright red in color and is opened outwards for a third of the full armor. Within this opening is a light green plant-like organism although no defining features can be seen. A light green vine comes from each 'organism' and goes around VenusMan's arm, going way beyond his hands to the point of usually sliding over the ground when he walks. VenusMan wears a set of standard Navi gloves, dark green in color.
He also wears a set of standard Navi boots, dark green in color like the gloves.

Custom Weapon: VenusMan can fuse the vines coming from his shoulders with his hands to form a buster entangled with vines. This is possible for each hand. For melee attacks he will use his vines as whips.

1. Carnivore
The jagged teeth of VenusMan's bodysuit move in opposite ways, showing more of the green line on his bodysuit bit by bit, until a certain point. A voracious round plant with a mouth of razor sharp teeth flies out from VenusMan's abdomen, attached to a long vine, and attempts to bite a target or, for a killing blow, devour the enemy. However, just biting an enemy is enough for both the plant and VenusMan to gain vitality.
Note: Once the plant is out, the green part of VenusMan's bodysuit is gone except for a vine entangled stem that keeps his top and bottom attached to each other. This stem is about as wide as 1/5th of VenusMan's body.
Fluff: If a virus or other enemy is killed/eaten by this move, VenusMan can use its data for the creation of a future Signature Attack.
30 WOOD Shot Drain